I Want to Play a Game: All 81 ‘Saw’ Kills Ranked

49. Gideon Kramer: Swinging Door (Saw IV)

Jill Kramer, the pregnant wife of John “Jigsaw” Kramer, suffered a miscarriage after being pinned behind a clinic door by junkie Cecil Adams. It’s an important death because with a healthy son, would Kramer have ever embraced his Jigsaw persona?

48. Zep: The Toilet Punishes Back (Saw)

We think Zep plays the Jigsaw lackey role, but he’s nothing more than another pawn. He first holds Dr. Gordon’s family hostage and then murders Det. Tapp. But most may remember his as a decaying corpse featured throughout the Saw franchise. That’ll happen when your head is bludgeoned with a toilet tanker cover.

47. Alex: Lawnmower Man (Saw 3D)

We only get a final glimpse of Sidney and Alex kicking themselves over lawnmowers, hanging from what might be barbed-wire-wrapped poles – not Jigsaw’s whole test. It’s all a flashback while Sidney recalls the deathly ordeal in a Jigsaw survivor support meeting, but we do watch Alex fall downward into the whirring lawnmower blades. Like, a comical amount of them. Points for blood-splattered garden gnomes!

46. Trevor: Mausoleum Trap (Saw IV)

Trevor and Art Blank wake up in a cemetery mausoleum chained to what looks like a one-way pulley. Trevor’s eyes are sewn shut, same as Art’s mouth. Art notices a key on the back of Trevor’s collar, but the big galut panics when no communication can be deciphered. He starts flailing with weapons, and eventually the machine they’re both chained to starts pulling both men towards death. After a long struggle, Art is able to snag the key but gets stabbed with a hook – which he then jams into Trevor’s back. A few more whacks with the hammer finishes of the scared, panicked giant. If only teamwork could have made the dream work.

45. Mark Rodriguez: Up-In-Flames Room (Saw)

Mark will live if he can translate the code scribbled onto the room he awakes in. The catch? He’s slathered in flammable goo; a poison coursing through his veins. He analyzes the clues but butterfingers ultimately lights himself on fire with a candle. Maybe be more careful next time?

44. Gus Colyard: Keyhole Gunshot (Saw II)

Poor Gus. Just a panicked business dude who presses his eye to a peephole while Xavier turns the door key. To be fair, they were warned against using the key that way. A magnum hand-cannon burrows one single metal slug through his eye and out the back. Not a bad way to go in Jigsaw’s world?

43. Cecil Adams: Knife Chair (Saw IV)

A flashback brings us to the beginnings of Jigsaw’s madness. Cecil, tied to a “baby’s first murder trap” contraption that’s nothing more than a wooden chair, metal shackles and two rows of razor knifes. Attached to his armrests are blades that would cut Cecil’s wrists, so in order to free himself, he must push his face through the knifes and onto a small pressure plate. Oh look, he does it! Then Jigsaw pumps two rounds into the schmuck and sends him tumbling into a crib filled with barbed wire.

42. Hank: Rib Crusher (Saw VI)

If Hank can hold his breath for about a minute, he survives. Sounds easy for anyone who isn’t a 52-year-old smoker with high blood pressure. Hank tries his hardest, but then starts gasping. Every breath closes the body-sized clamp around his body until his white shirt is stained red with blood.

41. Mark Hoffman: Left For Dead (Saw 3D)

Oh Hoffman – you silly, rage-blinded copycat. You didn’t think Jigsaw would tolerate your bullshit? Just as Saw 3D is ending, Hoffman gets exactly what he deserves for disgracing the Jigsaw name. He’s confronted by Dr. Gordon, upon instructions to act on whoever harms Jill. Hoffman is drugged and wakes up in the same bathroom where it all started. Zep and Adam corpses still rotting and all. Not even given a saw. Just as Hoffman doomed all his victims, Dr. Gordon leaves the imposter to die alone, in the dark. Game over…for now.

40. Paul Leahy: The Barbed Wire Tangle (Saw)

Meet Paul, a 46-year-old male who’s given an opportunity to atone for his failed suicide. He’s found tangled in barbed-wire strands, his stomach acid slick on the floor. We see little of his actual death – only a snap flashback – because this is on Saw’s minimal budget. Still vicious nonetheless, just more off screen than on.

39. Jonas Singer: Spiked Bat (Saw II)

At this point, the poison has crippled Jigsaw’s second batch of victims. Time is running out. Xavier begins slicing tattooed numbers off other people’s necks, but Jonas tries to stop him. He gets a few good shots on the muscled gym rat, but then takes a nail-spiked bat to the dome.

38. Allen: The Gallows (Saw VI)

William Eastman sees a control panel with two handles; instructions read “Take Them.” He does. The aquarium tank in front of him lights up and inside stands two of William’s employees – Addy and Allen. Their necks wrapped with barbed wire nooses, time running out. William has to make a choice of who lives and who dies. Unfortunately for Allen, William picks the middle-aged family woman over a lonely twenty-something. Allen’s body swings forward, slams into the enclosure glass and sprays blood right in front of William.

37. Cale: The Hangman (Saw 3D)

Cale must traverse planks that are sparsely scattered over a long-drop fall and Bobby must guide him. Why? Because there’s a noose around his neck and a blindfold over his eyes. Bobby also needs to grab a key, which he does. But with time running out, he can only toss the metal savior towards Cale. He does, it hits Cale’s chest, and plummets downward. “Fuck me” – Cale, upon hearing the clang of a key hitting the ground. Yoink!

36. Donnie Greco: Amanda’s Key (Saw)

Poor Donnie is overdosed with opiates so he can’t move or react to Amanda’s stabbing. She needs to open his stomach in order to live, which she does quite viciously (about eight stabs). Amanda survives, Donnie dies a discarded puzzle piece.

35. Addison Corday: Hand Trap (Saw II)

Addison shoves her hands into a glass case that holds an antidote syringe. Sure, she’s delirious from poison, but not even a single hesitation? Maybe then she would have noticed the razors locking her hands in place. Addison pulls away (after her antidote spills), but every retraction slices deeper into her wrists. Hanging around, hanging around – hope this kid’s got alligator’s blood.

34. Luba Gibbs: Used as a Conduit (Saw V)

A bathtub rests central in a room with numerous electrically-charged connectors placed around. One subject must unite the current in order for the exit to open. Luba tries to sacrifice Mallick, but Brit has other ideas. She spikes Luba on the neck with one of the feeds and arranges her last bath. Clamps on Luba’s hands and feet, the final charge stabbed directly into her head (with lots of convulsing).

33. Xavier Chavez: Sliced Throat (Saw II)

After going all roid-rage on the Saw II constants, Xavier finds himself in the same room Saw took place, Amanda terrified, Daniel “dead”…until he slices Xavier’s throat with the same rusty hacksaw Dr. Gordon used. Does that look infected?

32. John “Jigsaw” Kramer: Power Saw Slice (Saw III)

Kramer is already dying from cancer, but that doesn’t stop Jeff from speeding the process along. He grabs a whirring power saw and slices that trap-laying mastermind clean in the throat, blood spilling out. And then one last tape is presented. Turns out Jigsaw is the only one who knows where Jeff’s daughter is, on top of the fact that Lynn dies because of her shotgun collar’s dependance on Jigsaw’s heart beating. THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS, JEFF.

31. Detective Steven Sing: Shotgun Rain (Saw)

Poor Detective Sing. First to follow Tapp into battle, first to get his head blown off by four overhead, double-barreled shotguns rigged to a tripwire. R.I.P. Singy, although since the beheaded gore delivered, I can’t say I’m that sorry.

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