I Want to Play a Game: All 81 ‘Saw’ Kills Ranked

all saw kills ranked

Saw and Halloween – name a more iconic October duo from the last decade (seriously, not just memeing here). Every Fall, for a span of seven films in as many years, John Kramer/Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) – or one of his minions/impersonators – erected a maze of “torture porn” death traps for “chosen” characters to navigate. Carcasses were scorched, heads were pulverized like rotten fruit, and insides were spilled at a frightening turnover rate. Saw 3D was intended to end the franchise, but studio execs eventually realized how much money was left up for grabs.

Zip ahead to 2017 and we have the appropriately titled Jigsaw, Lionsgate’s reboot of James Wan’s infamous slaughterhouse-games franchise. Once again, audiences could rely on Halloween’s October release window for one screamingly macabre “test” designed to maim, massacre and murder with redemptive intent. When I heard the news myself, a flash of Jigsaw’s bodycount projected before my eyes and I knew – as an online film journalist with absolutely zero dignity left – what had to be done. SOMEONE MUST RANK ALL THE SAW DEATH SEQUENCES.

Unfortunately, Jigsaw is not screening for press so this article just focuses on Saw through Saw 3D. In any case, let’s get to the gory details. How does your favorite “trap” or death rank on this punishing playlist of the damned?

81. Dylan Denlon: Hit By Car (Saw III)

It happens offscreen, but this is the catalyst for Jeff’s own trials. A father consumed by revenge for his dead son, even if Timothy – the driver who must live with killing a child – is just as torn up by the accident.

80. Harold Abbott: No Coverage (Saw VI)

An offscreen death, but it’s William Easton who dooms Harold by denying him health coverage. “It’s your fault” for not disclosing a dental surgery that could have caused his cardiac disease, William coldly states – not caring whether the father/husband lives or dies.

angelina saw

79. Angelina Acomb: Knifed (Saw V)

Why does Seth find himself in Jigsaw’s trap? Because he slit the throat of Mark Hoffman’s sister, who sought vengeance under the guise of being Jigsaw. We see the photo evidence of Angelina’s death, but not the act.

78. Homeless Man: Shooting (Saw 3D)

Shot by Hoffman. Nothing more to say.

77. Technician Sachi: Shot (Saw VI)

Hoffman uses Sachi as a human shield when Agent Perez takes her shot (er…three). Not much of a game to lose here. Also, I don’t love how Perez just fires blindly at Hoffman without regard for Sachi, but such is life in Jigsawland.

76. Male Lawyer: Stabbed (Saw 3D)

Hoffman on the loose! He sneaks up and blades this lawyer under the chin.

75. Police Officer: Knife (Saw 3D)

Another Hoffman knife-spree kill, another dead cop.

74. Palmer: Neck Snapped (Saw 3D)

Part of the “Hoffman gone rogue” murder spree – Palmer has her neck snapped.

73. Agent Dan Erickson: Throat Slashed (Saw VI)

When Erickson discovers Hoffman to be Jigsaw’s copycat, Hoffman slashes his throat with a swift upswing. Blood spews, Erickson bleeds out.

71-72. Dr. Heffner/Police Officer: Knife to Throat in Morgue (Saw 3D)

Hoffman replaces junkyard Dan’s dead corpse with his own in a police body bag – which Heffner opens. A quick stab to the throat and a shocked Heffner is dead, along with another officer.

66-70. Five SWAT Officers: Cyanide Box (Saw 3D)

While searching for Bobby Dagen in Hoffman’s last test, five SWAT officers are killed by poisonous gas. A door locks behind them and cyanide capsules mix with acid to emit the deadly fumes.

65. Lt. Daniel Rigg: Gunshot (Saw IV)

Eric Matthews shoots Rigg in an attempt to prevent him from entering Jigsaw’s final test, but it’s no use. Rigg takes the bullet, busts through a door, gets everyone killed, and then Hoffman leaves him for dead.

62-64. Matt Gibson/Two Officers: Sentry Gun (Saw 3D)

Gibson leads two officers into one of Hoffman’s security surveillance rooms, where he finds a live-feed to his own station and Dan’s dead body (junkyard death). Realizing the station has been infiltrated, Gibson manages to get a distress call out. But before explaining why, is mowed down along with his backup by a planted sentry gun.

61. Rogers: Shot (Saw 3D)

Rogers never sees it coming, which is a coincidence since he’s shot in the eye through two-way interrogation glass. Waka waka!

60. Crime Scene Photographer: Spiked (Saw IV)

One of Metro PD’s Crime Scene Photographers is snapping pics of Rex and Morgan’s elementary school trap when another agent accidentally trips a crossbow-like mechanism. Strahm is able to save Perez, but in doing so, lets the spike impale this poor photographer.

59. Agent Lindsey Perez: Stabbed Repeatedly (Saw VI)

Perez finds out that Hoffman is the Jigsaw stand-in just as Erickson does, but she lasts a minute longer. First she’s splashed with hot coffee, then repeatedly stabbed in the gut, Hoffman burying and twisting his blade while maintaining eye contact.

58. Laura Hunter: Nerve Gas (Saw II)

Imagine being one of the only Saw characters who doesn’t get a righteous passing? Just a seizure and some blood drool when Jigsaw’s poison becomes too much for the 7th Heaven alumni.

danny glover saw

57. Detective David Tapp: Shot By Zep (Saw)

Danny Glover’s Detective Tapp dodges death once, but allows obsession get the better of him. At first, he’s throat-sliced by Jigsaw and left for dead. After rehabilitating, his Jigsaw hunt leads him to the Reaper. Tapp triest to save Dr. Gordon’s family, but is shot by Zep during an ensuing struggle. Didn’t learn a damn thing from Jigsaw’s process.

Adam Faulkner-Stanheight saw

56. Adam Faulkner-Stanheight: Suffocation (Saw III)

Amanda pitties the Saw survivor and offers him a mercy kill. She begins suffocating the weakened “loser” with plastic wrap, which leads to a head-knock on the famed first-trap toilet and asphyxiation. He deserves a better (more epic) kill in my eyes.

55. Jeff Denlon: Shot (Saw IV)

After all Jeff endures, it’s two shots from Agent Strahm that ends his misery. Of course, the corpses lying around from Saw III implicate some nasty accusations that justify Strahm’s takedown – along with Jeff’s own weapon.

54. Art Blank: Double-Tap (Saw IV)

What does Art Blank win for surviving his test with Trevor? A mechanism that’ll sever his spinal column if Rigg’s final test is compromised. He stands there, holding the “Release” switch with 10 seconds to go, but Rigg can’t help himself. Rigg busts in and shoots Blank, killing Matthews in the process. Rigg thinks Blank is a Jigsaw accomplice, and lands a headshot for good measure when Blank goes to reach for another audio tape.

53. Judge Halden: Shot (Saw III)

No, it’s not the rancid pig-slop drowning trap that kills Judge Haden. Jeff actually mans up and rescues the poor Judge before he drowns in a slurry of maggots, rotted beast flesh and bile. Instead, Halden is killed during Timothy’s trap by an errant shotgun blast after Jeff grabs a yankable key.

52. Amanda Young: Shot to Neck (Saw III)

Amanda didn’t have the chops to continue Jigsaw’s legacy, and it’s a single bullet from Jeff that ends it all (his only bullet). Turns out Amanda was taking part in her own test, which she fails with flying colors in-part by shooting Lynn. School’s out, Amanda. But just a gunshot?

50-51. Two SWAT Officers: Electrocution Staircase (Saw II)

Officer Pete Baker leads his men into a caged stairwell. The door locks shut. As Baker ascends the stairs, Jigsaw’s puppet – Billy! – appears. Laughter ensues as a wooden block breaks Baker’s legs, but at least he’s not electrocuted like his two flanking officers, who grab the now-charged wire walls. Baker escapes, his friends crispy-fried.

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