Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord 4

Peter Quill’s Dad

This would be the coolest option of them all. That’s because not only could Pacino be Quill’s father, he could also be almost any other character in the Marvel universe. We know that Quill’s dad is not the same as the comic books. That he’s a very important, almost God like character. “An angel, bathed in pure light,” said his dying mother. Pacino certainly could be that. He would be much older than Quill’s mother, but when has that stopped a casting idea before?



Al Pacino has played the devil before, but never one that has connections to so many possible Marvel characters. Though he was introduced with the Silver Surfer (owned by Fox, but Marvel now has rights), Mephisto has a history with Thanos, Black Panther, Thor and others. Josh Brolin says that Avengers Infinity War is “Thanos against everyone” but having the personification of evil on his side would certainly up the level of a war that’s spread over two movies, plus potentially tie in multiple other characters.


Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo is a character we keep thinking is going to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s a good bet for the main bad guy in Doctor Strange, so it’s possible Daniel Bruhl already has the role. (Rumor has it that Bruhl first appears in Captain America: Civil War, and that his character will end up being bigger in Doctor Strange.) If it’s not Bruhl playing Mordo, wouldn’t Al Pacino be incredibly awesome as this villainous character? Yes but, actually, here’s a better idea…

Marvel Ancient one

The Ancient One

This makes a ton of sense. The Ancient One is the character Mordo learns everything from – his mentor – who he then plots to kill. Assuming Bruhl is Mordo, Al Pacino as this older, wiser character just fits. Plus, he’d be a mentor to Doctor Strange as well and that would be the kind of important, heroic mentor relationship you have to imagine Pacino would be interested in. Almost like a Michael Corleone and Vincent setup.

Iron Man 3 Mandarin header


Here’s a wild one. We know from All Hail the King that the Mandarin – the real Mandarin – is still out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When and where he’d reappear, is anyone’s guess. But how do you top an Oscar winner like Ben Kingsley? How about an Oscar-winner like Al Pacino?

Of course, that’s not even close to all of the possibilities. Other names we’ve seen floated online are Surtur, possibly in Thor: Ragnarok or maybe The Purple Man, though that would probably be more a Marvel Netflix thing. Either way there are so many options if it does come to pass. Who do you think Al Pacino could play in the Marvel universe?

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