Adam Driver Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Well, there was plenty to joke about when it comes to Donald Trump and the ongoing impeachment proceedings. Michael Che and Colin Jost seemed pretty loose for this edition, likely relaxed from the holiday break. It allowed them to have some entertaining back and forth, and it’s exactly what you hope to see from the duo but don’t always get.

Travel Expert Carrie Krum on Winter Getaways – Aidy Bryant is so endearing as this precocious kid who talks about her family vacation like destination getaways. It’s not the funniest recurring character, but it’s adorable, especially when Carrie talks about seeing something she wasn’t supposed to.

Melissa Villaseñor on Oscar Snubs – It’s not often that Melissa Villaseñor gets a chance to shine like this, but when she does, it’s always worth the wait. In this Weekend Update appearance, she’s talking about Oscar snubs by discussing the original songs she did for a bunch of the nominees. But they’re all eerily similar and about the same thing, not unlike the nominees themselves. It’s lighthearted way of offering some social commentary on the awards, and I wish we could see Villaseñor do more stuff like this.

The Host

Adam Driver is one of those dramatic actors who can seamlessly shift into comedy, and his skills as a bona fide actor only enhance the kind of comedy he can deliver, thanks to the authenticity of his performances. Whether he’s being wacky or playing the straight man, he commands your attention and can make you laugh even by being sad and troubled. He’s great in every single sketch, and he’s clearly game for anything. I hope he comes back at least once every other year, since that’s what he’s been doing since 2016.


Saturday Night Live - Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong – Between The Science Room and the ketchup marriage, Cecily Strong showed her versatility that hasn’t been utilized much in recent episodes. Plus, let’s not forget that she does an outstanding impression as Senator Susan Collins in the cold open. The episode spread around the spotlight moments pretty well to a lot of the cast members, and Kate McKinnon also had some hilarious moments, but Strong stood out just a tad more to me.

The Final Word

It feels like SNL was really energized after being way for a month. Surely the presence of Adam Driver helped, since he’s up for anything. We’ll see if they can maintain the momentum when SNL returns on February 1 with host J.J. Watt, the Houston Texans NFL player, followed by Ru Paul on February 8.

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