Adam Driver Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

As anyone could have predicted, Colin Jost and Michael Che really leaned into the Brett Kavanaugh hearing for a big chunk of the first half of Weekend Update, and rightfully so. Much of it felt like a retread of what late night talk show hosts have already covered earlier in the weeks, but there were still some clever jabs at the justice nominee. But personally, I think the best part of Weekend Update was Michael Che’s frustration with how The Cosby Show was about a character named Cliff Huxtable. How have we not covered this before?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Brett Kavanaugh – Of course you have to get Kate McKinnon at the desk as Ruth Bader Gisnburg to comment on all this Supreme Court nominee nonsense. This is an old standby for McKinnon at this point, and her patented Gins-burns in this segment are well-earned.

Serena Williams – Well, this was an odd departure. More than likely the staff of SNL thought Leslie Jones playing Serena Williams was funny, but they couldn’t figure out the best way to flesh it out into a full fledged Weekend Update appearance. It was amusing enough, but it felt like an unnecessary tangent.

Pete Davidson on His Engagement to Ariana Grande – Obviously Pete Davidson’s summer was quite eventful, so much that it was already brought up twice before he appeared on Weekend Update to talk about it. Honestly, I’ve been a bit annoyed by all the tabloid coverage and gossip, but Davidson’s laid back approach to it all and his witty commentary on it made it tolerable.


Saturday Night Live - Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh

Matt Damon – It was a foregone conclusion that Saturday Night Live was going to cover the Kavanaugh hearings, but whether or not it worked hinged on who they got to play the judge, and Matt Damon knocked it out of the park. One part accurate portrayal of a desperate man upset that his privilege is being called into question, another part basic parody, and you’ve got a great lampoon of this captivating Senate committee hearing.

The Host

The Final Word

This was just an average episode of SNL, which is a little disappointing when it comes to season premieres. Usually those come in with a bang, and while the cold open certainly helped with that, the rest of the episode felt like one you might find in the middle of the season on a slightly off-week. But even so, Adam Driver was a great sophomore host, and he proved that he works very well in the live comedy setting, despite not being the kind of comedian who usually thrives in that environment.

We’ll be back next week when Awkwafina hosts on October 6.

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