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I’d love to know how much of the sound design is in the script. Did you guys have someone in mind from the beginning that you wanted to spearhead such an important element of the storytelling?

Fuller: I don’t know how much of the actual design was in the screenplay.  I’m trying to think back.

Form: It really wasn’t.

Fuller: I haven’t read the script in a long time.

Form: But you know, the sound team that we have on the movie, Ethan [Van der Ryn] and Erik [Aadahl], who have worked on the Ninja Turtle movies for us and the Transformers movies for Michael [Bay], we have loved over the years. And when they read the script, you can only imagine how they felt. They were like, ‘Oh my God.’ This movie, for sound, for them, is amazing. So the scary thing, again, for them, is that they came onto the movie late in the process.

So, the design, everything happened quickly, but I don’t know how much of it was actually in the screenplay and how much of it was found through design meetings, and on the mixing stage, and dropping out music and saying, ‘This scene can actually play quiet, we don’t need music here.’ For stuff like that, it would happen right in front of our eyes.

And how did everyone feel about the SXSW reaction? Being in the audience, it felt like a homerun. 

Form: You know, for us, SX was the best experience because we started our career in Austin, Texas. We made our first movie there [2003’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]. We’ve made four movies there [TCM, TCM: The Beginning, The Hitcher and 2009’s Friday the 13th]. We’ve never been to a film festival, as participants or spectators, so to go to SX and be able to open the festival with a movie that we loved, and to have that reaction, at least for us, was the best experience ever.

But you know, it was really the first time we had screened the movie with an audience. We had never really seen the movie with an audience, we never had our creature done, we never had our sound done. So, every time we’ve ever shown the movie, there were lots of scenes with nothing. We’d have where our creature should be, and it’s just an empty room. So, it really was a first for us also. Very nerve-wracking, and you go in, and I can’t speak for Brad, but I was sweating bullets in there. Yes, those last 90 seconds of the movie, for me, I could not have been happier with how they played.

Fuller: Drew doesn’t know this, but midway through the movie, I was so tense, I left the theater. They luckily had a bar. I had to get a drink to get through it.

Form: By the way, he was sitting behind me, and I had no idea he left.

Fuller: Totally nerve-wracking.

Form: And I had not shown my wife one frame of this movie. She visited the set, but she had never seen a frame of the film. And she did not let go of my hand for the entire movie. She was holding my left hand, and I lost feeling in it a few times. So to me, that meant the movie was working.


A Quiet Place arrives in theaters on April 6, 2018.

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