Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane might be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but he’s still a nerd at heart. His works are filled with pop culture references and his latest movie is supposedly no different. While the trailers for A Million Ways To Die In the West haven’t shown many of those trademark MacFarlane references, a new trailer reportedly reveals a major cameo.

Even though this will likely be revealed in the latest trailer (currently seen in theaters with Neighbors), I still consider this a spoiler so proceed with caution.

Over at Cinemablend, a new article reveals the latest trailer ends with a cameo from….Doctor Emmet Brown and the DeLorean from Back to the Future Part III!

Back to the Future Part 3 delorean

Here’s an excerpt from the report:

Coming right at the very end of the spot, the sequence begins with Seth MacFarlane’s character, Albert, walking up to a stable that is glowing with a strange blue light. He opens the door to discover both Christopher Lloyd’s Dr. Emmett Brown (in his full Back To The Future Part III cowboy gear) and the time-traveling DeLorean Somewhat freaked out, Albert stammers and says something to the effect of “What’s going on here?” To which Doc replies, “It’s a weather experiment!”

Oddly, though, the Delorean in the trailer is not the one from Part III above. Instead, it’s from the first film.

Sounds really funny but almost expected considering how much Ted featured Flash Gordon and things of that nature. If you are making a western, what other modern reference could you make that everyone in the audience would get?

In the case of Ted, its references were thankfully saved for the theater. Adding a huge reveal like this at the end of a trailer three weeks before release feels like a bit of a Hail Mary to me. Maybe the trailers haven’t been appealing to audiences and Universal is hoping one of their most enduring franchises, Back to the Future, will help put a few more butts in seats. (I admit, while I was going to see the film anyway, this revelation definitely made me smile and piqued my interest.)

What do you think about this cameo? Will it play a bigger role in the film, like Flash Gordon in Ted, or just be an aside, like everything in Family Guy?

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