Meet Cute Trailer: Kaley Cuoco & Pete Davidson Get Timey-Wimey In New Rom-Com

Listen, it's perfectly understandable to want to change Pete Davidson. No matter what you do, he'd still look like a chihuahua that was half transformed into a human, but he could be the perfect partner for you with a few tweaks. So if you had the chance to go back in time to make those adjustments, would you? At that point, would he even be Pete Davidson anymore?

That's the conundrum that Kaley Cuoco has to navigate in the new movie "Meet Cute." The Peacock original movie follows the "Harley Quinn" star as Sheila, a woman on a mission to find the perfect New York man. That's when she meets Davidson's Gary. After an ideal evening together, they seem like they're on track to their happily ever after — and there's a reason for that. Sheila has a time machine, which she uses to relive the day over and over again and make him fall in love with her.

And then she tells him what she's doing. How could that possibly go wrong? You can get an idea for yourself thanks to the brand new trailer.

Meet Cute trailer

Directed by "Paddleton" filmmaker Alex Lehmann and written by newcomer Noga Pnueli, "Meet Cute" looks like a fun rom-com. The concept is a bit reminiscent of Richard Curtis' "About Time" starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, except Sheila tells Gary what's going on. There's also an element of "Groundhog Day" with how they're doing the same date over and over again. I could also see Cuoco channeling a bit of Bill Murray's Phil in this brief preview. 

With the revelation Shelia shares with Gary, it looks like we'll get a lot of playful, timey-wimey antics throughout this movie. I mean, the time travel mechanism is a tanning bed. That bit alone has a lot of potential for fun. But as we see from the trailer, Cuoco and Davidson's romantic back and forth is very charming. I look forward to seeing how they navigate the idea of "you erase the pain, you erase the person" as the movie progresses. But also, I need to know more about what Future Sheila does to the Present Sheilas.

After you check out the trailer above, here's the official synopsis of the movie:

When Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) and Gary (Pete Davidson) meet, it's love at first sight — until we realize their magical date wasn't fate at all. Sheila's got a time machine, and they've been falling in love over and over again. But when the perfect night is never quite enough, Sheila travels to Gary's past to change him into the perfect man.

"Meet Cute" premieres September 21, 2022, on Peacock.