Andor Will Showcase A New Side Of Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma has been an integral figure in the "Star Wars" saga since her first film appearance in "Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi." Having opposed Chancellor Palpatine's power grab during the Clone Wars, she became the leader of the Rebel Alliance, and lived to see the defeat of Empire. And yet, as a live-action character, she's been completely underserved. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" gave her a bit more to do, but it was still jarring to emerge from the film knowing so little about the woman who founded and led the resistance.

If you've been craving mo' Mothma, here's some splendid news: "Andor," the "Star Wars" spin-off series in which Diego Luna reprises his "Rogue One" role as the charming thief who eventually sticks his neck out to join the Alliance, will prominently feature the Rebel leader. And it sounds like Genevieve O'Reilly, who inherited the role from Caroline Blakiston, loves what show creator Tony Gilroy has done with the character.

Mon Mothma in full

At an "Andor" press conference attended by /Film, O'Reilly promised fans that they will finally get to know Mon Mothma beyond a simply "composed, regal, dignified woman":

"She is still that very dignified senator, but we get to see the woman behind the robe. We get to see a private face of Mon Mothma. We get to flesh out not just the senator, not just the would-be leader of the Rebel Alliance, but also the woman."

O'Reilly went on to say that fans will be meeting Mon Mothma "in a place we've never seen before":

"We meet a woman steeped in empire, navigating a very male-dominated empire with a very powerful Emperor Palpatine at the top of it. We've seen her surrounded by people... maybe with different opinions, but like-minded rebels. We find her in Andor very alone, living in a world of orthodoxy and construct. We see a woman who has had to navigate her ideals and beliefs within systems of oppression."

These series often run the risk of getting bogged down in uninteresting minutiae, but Mon Mothma is absolutely a character we should get to know better. She was one of the few members of the senate who had the brass to take on Palpatine after he seized power. Good on Gilroy for bringing her to the forefront for once. 

"Andor" is a 12-episode series, and will begin streaming on Disney+ on September 21, 2022.