Every Sea Creature The Deep Has Killed (So Far) In The Boys

In the violent, disturbing, and very bloody world of "The Boys," nothing is off the table. Prime Video's subversive superhero satire has quite the reputation for depravity, and three seasons into its run, viewers have seen everything from a full-blown superpowered orgy to hundreds of innocents murdered by so-called heroes. Some of the show's most disturbing moments don't even need blood and guts to shock us — one scene of Homelander with a glass of milk is enough to scar you for life! But that doesn't stop "The Boys" from embracing the darkest depths of violence on a regular basis. Heads explode, people explode, and sometimes a penis can explode! All of that sounds plenty disturbing, but it's nothing compared to watching a whale explode. Not even this show's sea creatures are safe!

Despite having their very own walking, talking superhero advocate, marine life is constantly endangered in the world of "The Boys." In fact, they might be even more in danger than your average citizen, thanks to the terrible instincts of the lip-quivering man-child himself, The Deep (Chace Crawford).

Like an Aquaman riff taken to its absolute limit, The Deep's primary superpowers include communicating with sea creatures, breathing underwater, and having a very intense fish fetish. When we first meet Deep, he's a member of the Seven who reveals himself to be just as monstrous as the rest of them — but much less threatening. Not taken seriously by anyone at Vought, he often turns to his fish friends for support. And if he has a single redeeming quality, it's the fact that Deep actually cares about the aquatic creatures he bonds with.

The problem? He has a terrible track record when it comes to actually saving them.

A dolphin rescue gone wrong

In one of the show's earliest and saddest moments, The Deep kidnaps a dolphin. In an attempt to go full-on environmental activist, Deep steals away in the dead of night, saves the dolphin from a local aquarium, then hops into a van and sets a course for the Atlantic Ocean. Things take a weird turn when the dolphin reads too far into this heartfelt gesture and demands to take their relationship to the next level. All that talk of dolphin sex is pretty damn distracting and between their conversation and the lights flashing in the background, Deep makes the mistake of slamming down on the breaks.

With the Spice Girls hit "Wannabe" blaring the background (mood music), the dolphin goes sailing out of its harness and right through the windshield. Not only does it slam onto the pavement, it's also immediately run over by a truck. So is this scene heartbreaking or hilarious? Naturally, it dares to be both. All while The Deep gapes powerlessly at his latest blunder.

Failed rescue attempt #2: A grocery store lobster

If you are in desperate need of a superhero rescue, I highly recommend not calling upon The Deep. Or any of the Seven, for that matter. But certainly not The Deep. He is uniquely terrible at rescue operations. While he certainly had good intentions for saving the dolphin, the results speak for themselves Even worse, his second rescue attempt takes a very similar turn.

While strolling through the aisles of a grocery store, Deep happens across a captured lobster in a tank. After a brief chat, the two become fast friends and The Deep decides to try his hand at a second rescue attempt. The poor crustacean basically tastes freedom for a millisecond before the ax drops. And by ax, I mean knife — assuming this lobster will be his customer's dinner, the grocery store employee sets the creature on a cutting board, then chops into its skull. And so ends the short-lived friendship of The Deep and his lobster buddy. If it's any consolation, the lobster had no idea that death was coming for him and it was all over in an instant. That's what passes for a bright side over on "The Boys."

Okay, fine — the real bright side is how well Chace Crawford sells the scene. The Deep acts like he's in the middle of a covert operations when all he's doing is buying a lobster. And even though it's all ridiculously straightforward, he mucks it up once again. Crawford is the master of looking mournful, so it's pretty hilarious to watch The Deep stare off into the distance, defeated.

A diabolical whale murder

At this point, it seems like the "Boys" writers see The Deep as a personal challenge: how can he horrifically endanger the life of a sea creature this season? In season 2, the answer is bloodier than ever. The Deep calls upon a whale (whom he immediately bonds with and nicknames Lucy) to fend off Butcher, Hughie and the rest of their gang as they speed towards the shoreline in a speedboat. Unfortunately, he underestimates just how ruthless Butcher can be. But mostly, his plan just plain sucks.

His entire strategy is just to scare them away with a whale. He parks Lucy in the perfect position to block the coast, then stands on top of her in a battle position. So Butcher finds the only logical solution to the wall of whale and speeds up, impaling poor Lucy with his boat. As for The Deep, he tumbles right off and passes out while the Boys crawl out of Lucy's innards. Honestly, what did he think would happen? They'd see Lucy and just give up?! 

This horrific scene for Lucy ends up providing some pretty clear insight into The Deep. His redemption arc is entirely in his head: He thinks of himself as a good person for trying to "save" the marine creatures, but his use of Lucy was selfish and short-sighted. Similarly, all his past rescue attempts were terribly thought-out and in every situation, the sea creatures suffer while Deep walks away scot-free.

R.I.P. Timothy

What happens to Timothy is only the second most disturbing thing that The Deep does to an octopus in season 3 of "The Boys." To welcome him back into the fold, Homelander serves The Deep a special celebratory meal — his octopus friend, Timothy. The Deep is told to eat his octopus friend alive and with a pair of chopsticks, and, with yet another mournful expression, he does. All the while, poor Timothy is begging for his life. Sure, The Deep is goaded into it by Homelander and his fiancee, but this still serves as undeniable proof that above all, Deep wants the fame and glory of being a superhero. Even if it means chowing down on a friend as they scream in pain.

Oh, sweet Timothy, you deserved better.