What Josiah Saw Clip: Robert Patrick Wants You To Know Your Mother Is In The Hellfire [Exclusive]

Horror festival favorite "What Josiah Saw" is making its Shudder debut this week, and /Film has an exclusive first look at an eerie scene from the movie. The film is a dark Southern gothic led by Scott Haze ("Jurassic World Dominion") and Robert Patrick ("Peacemaker"), and the new clip shows the pair sharing some disturbing words outside a rural farmhouse. Haze's character, Thomas, grows emotional when Patrick's Josiah claims to have seen the ghost of his mother in the night, telling him that there's a way to save her from her fate years earlier. Check out the full clip below.

Josiah's message from beyond

According to official synopses, "What Josiah Saw" follows the Graham family, which was fractured by secrets and sins years ago. Josiah and Thomas are the only Grahams left living at the family's farm, but when Josiah begins experiencing visions, the pair end up reuniting with Josiah's other children, Eli (Nick Stahl, "Fear the Walking Dead") and Mary (Kelly Garner, "Pan Am"), to face the haunting past once and for all.

This exclusive clip seems to feature the moment when Josiah tries to tell Thomas about his visions. The family patriarch seems like a pretty scary fire and brimstone type, saying that he's seen Thomas' mother in hellfire. The trailer for the film shows a quick glimpse of the past that implies that the Graham kids' mother killed herself, but according to Josiah, there's more going on here.

After Thomas calls him a liar, Josiah says that the apparently long-dead mother has returned in some form. "She says she want to come to you, but she say you ain't ready yet," he explains, creepily. It's probably Patrick's extensive career playing scary bad guys in works like "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" and the aforementioned "The Suicide Squad" spin-off, but I don't think I believe this man actually has a direct line to the afterlife.

"What Josiah Saw" is the latest Shudder Original released via the horror streamer, which has also been responsible for critical successes like Coralie Fargeat's "Revenge" and Jayro Bustamante's "La Llorona." The latest Shudder Original comes courtesy of "And Then I Go" filmmaker Vincent Grashaw, and has already gained considerable support on the festival circuit. "What Josiah Saw" has won a total of seven awards to date at genre fests, including a best actor award for Stahl at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and a jury prize for Best Cinematography at ScreamFest. The film hits Shudder on August 4, 2022.