Marvel's $25 Million Infinity Stones Gem Collection Will Break Your Wallet

Now that the Infinity Saga has come to a close and the MCU is on the verge of entering a bigger, more complicated era, we can finally look back fondly on the battle to save the universe from Thanos. Surely everyone's recovered from the traumas of The Blip, by now? If not, then steel yourself for the latest merch announcement out of San Diego Comic-Con — it might just trigger some war flashbacks. Revealed at Marvel's 2022 booth was an item that's been dubbed "one of the rarest collectibles" to ever debut at SDCC: The Infinity Collection of Gemstones.

Thanks to a partnership between Marvel and East Continental Gems, the infinity gauntlet is up for sale, featuring actual precious gems with a combined value of more than $25 million. That's right — Thanos raced across the stars, fought off Avengers, and went through all that trouble to finally get his hands on those stones ... and all he needed was a bank account. Since you're probably already in the process of taking out exuberant loans to try your hand at owning the infinity stones, let's dig into the details of this new collectible.

The Infinity Collection of Gemstones

First unveiled at Comic Con, the Infinity Gauntlet Collection of Gemstones came from the mind of East Continental Gems president Adam Mirzoeff, when he was watching "Avengers: Endgame" with his kids. He explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he found himself immediately drawn to the jewels tying the Infinity Saga together.

"When I saw the Time Stone onscreen and how meaningful it is to the entire narrative of the Marvel universe, for me, it was very meaningful to be watching that with my children."

So he got to thinking: "Does Marvel have an actual set of Infinity Stones?" Upon discovering that they did not, Mirzoeff decided to right that wrong by turning to his own collection. He sourced real-life precious gems to represent each Infinity stone, taking color, rarity, and quality into consideration. Eventually, the collection came to include the following: a Colombian emerald as the Time Stone, a sapphire from Madagascar as the Space Stone, an amethyst as the Power Stone, a ruby from Mozambique as the Power Stone, a yellow diamond as the Mind Stone, and a spessartite as the Soul Stone. There's no word yet on whether a trip to Vormir and a human sacrifice are required to own all the gems, but together the six stones are over 150 carats. The stones are housed in a custom-made gauntlet, perfect for displaying the gems and also snapping away 50% of living things. Allegedly. 

In the lead-up to the collectible's reveal, Mirzoeff said: "I know it will exceed my expectation, but I just hope it will give the fans the same feeling." It's certainly exciting to see the MCU Macguffin come to life. Sure, it's in a form that only Tony Stark himself could afford, but I'm sure that the Infinity Stones being in the hands of a millionaire won't have any terrible, long-lasting repercussions.