The Fake Old West Town In Jordan Peele's Nope Is More Than Your Average Film Set

The Jupiter's Claim theme park nestled within the world of "Nope" is one of those film setpieces that instantly feels iconic. Whether it's because of the Wild West-inspired theme or its massive inflatable of owner Ricky "Jupe" Park (Steven Yeun), there's both a distinct charm and eerieness to the set that fits extremely well with the film it features in. Perhaps this is because it's weird that a theme park is located in the middle of nowhere, or maybe it's a nod to Jupe's more cathartic intentions behind it. No matter the intention, however, it's clear that a lot of thought and detail is sprinkled throughout the set, as it even has its own creepy promotional website to explore.

Because of this, it shouldn't be a surprise that the entire Jupiter's Claim set was recently rebuilt and relocated onto the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot for their studio tram tour. While fans can't walk through the reconstructed set, they will still be able to see the set in all of its glory. However, what might not be known to many fans are the secrets behind the set's creation, as well as the potentially poignant reason it even exists at all in the film's universe.

The Wild West and the American dream

When speaking to IndieWire about the creation of Jupiter's Claim, "Nope" production designer Ruth De Jong explained that the park was supposed to represent a "hyper-stylized and ridiculous" Western town. She and director Jordan Peele studied towns that were created during the California Gold Rush as examples for their off-putting park, as well as the sets from films such as "Heaven's Gate."

"Jupiter's Claim was supposed to be a play on the Wild West and the American dream," she explained, "but to Jupe, it's a true spectacle."

This spectacle can be seen by the fact that it is a fully-built town set rather than just a small portion or a few front-facing facades. According to Time Out Los Angeles, having the set eventually be reconstructed and moved to Universal Studios Hollywood was always in the cards. This makes sense given how both the Hollywood and Orlando theme parks hosted mazes based on Peele's previous film "Us" in 2019 during Halloween Horror Nights. The website also took a tour of the set, which further details how extensively designed it was. Areas of the set include a firehouse, a general store, and the mysterious Winkin' Well that might host a terrifying secret.

In a time where more sets are being replaced with advanced technology and CGI, it's refreshing to hear about the care and details put into Jupiter's Claim, as well as the spotlight being given to it by a major theme park. Here's to hoping more productions will follow suit.