Brazzos Sings 'Angel In Flip-Flops' In Only Murders In The Building Music Video

In Hulu's endearing crime comedy "Only Murders in the Building," Steve Martin plays an actor named Charles-Haden Savage whose claim to fame is a "Columbo"-like show called "Brazzos." Some of the series' best jokes involve Charles' strange and hilarious career outside the popular role, a treasure trove of era-specific projects and not-so-popular performances.

Now, in theĀ latest episode, we got to hear Charles' surprise 1989 hit, "Angel In Flip-Flops," which he sings with his step-daughter Lucy (Francesca Rain). Not happy with just giving viewers a snippet of a Steve Martin original, today Hulu released a full music video for the song, and it's a colorful, funky, very '80s delight.

Watch animated Steve Martin sing an '80s love song

The official description for the song on YouTube includes a hilariously brief bit of context: "The year was 1989 and Brazzos' single, 'Angel in Flip-Flops,' was riding high on the charts ... until the Berlin Wall came down." The video itself matches exactly that energy, combining a sweet, poppy love song with confusing, surface-level attempts to make era-specific political statements. All in all, it goes perfectly with Charles' persona as a past-his-prime performer who thinks his pretty corny body of work is more serious and important than it is.

Without giving away the whole animated collage music video, it's worth noting that its many treasures include a bird playing a saxophone-like instrument, the line "kisses like pop rocks," and a shot in which Charles throws a cigarette at a fuel tank that explodes into butterflies. There's also a classic music video girl, the titular angel in flip-flops, whose "pitta-putta" sandal sound Charles apparently can't get enough of. All in all, it's a goofy, creative music video that perfectly captures the character's hilarious overconfidence.

Also, since this is a show about murder, I can't help but wonder if "Angel in Flip-Flops" could contain some clues about who killed Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell), the Arconia board president who died in front of Mabel (Selena Gomez) at the end of season 1. Would Hulu really make this whole video just to give Martin a chance to do musical comedy? If nothing else, we now know that Charles is very attuned to the sound of flip-flops, which could be helpful if he ends up cornered by a vacationing murderer sometime this season.

"Only Murders in the Building" drops new episodes on Hulu every Tuesday. You can also sing along to "Angel in Flip-Flops" on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.