Carter Trailer: Wild South Korean Action Movie Is The Bourne Identity Meets Fast & Furious Meets ... Zombies?

It doesn't happen nearly as much as it should these days, but every once in a while movie fans will be confronted by a premise or a trailer for a blockbuster that almost defies belief. With major studios seemingly content to churn out forgettable and unremarkable efforts that function as little more than, well, content, what are genre fans to do in order to get their fix? Well, sometimes the solution comes out of nowhere and presents itself.

Thankfully, there's an entire world out there (literally!) outside of American cinema, and those who remain hesitant to check out all the art that the international community has to offer are only doing themselves a disservice. Enter "Carter," the South Korean action/thriller that looks intent on redefining our very conception of what action/thrillers can do. With a marketing campaign boasting "nonstop, real-time" and "one-scene, one-cut" action and a storyline that appears to gleefully remix all the various tropes, genres, and choreography of countless past classics, this film has the makings of becoming the next big Netflix phenomenon.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the intense and relentless action on display for yourself in the newly released trailer below!

Carter trailer

Part Jason Bourne, part "John Wick," part "The Raid," part post-apocalyptic zombie movie, part "The Last of Us," part "Prisoners Of The Ghostland," and a heaping amount of visceral camerawork that we notably saw in Leigh Whannel's 2018 "Upgrade" — take those influences, mash them together in a frenzied and adrenaline-fueled thrill ride, and you end up with a description that still doesn't quite do justice to the wavelength that "Carter" seems to be operating on.

The upcoming Netflix blockbuster revolves around a man who wakes up with no memory (Joo Won) and immediately finds himself on the run with a mysterious voice inside his head, a ticking time bomb in his mouth, and one critical mission to complete involving the rescue of a young girl who may provide the key to humanity's salvation. Oh, and I should probably mention that the CIA, North Koreans, and a horde of zombies are all hellbent on preventing him from succeeding.

"Carter" is directed by Jung Byung-gil ("Memoirs of a Murderer," "The Villainess") and will hit Netflix on August 5, 2022.

Two months into a deadly pandemic originating from the DMZ that has devastated the US and North Korea, "Carter" awakens, with no recollections of his past. In his head is a mysterious device, and in his mouth, a lethal bomb. A strange voice in his ears gives him orders. The bomb may go off at any time — unless he rescues the girl who is the sole antidote to the virus. But the CIA and a North Korean coup are hot on his heels.