Here's What The Ms. Marvel Directors Would Put In A Ms. Marvel Movie

"Ms. Marvel" recently wrapped up its first season on Disney+, and it seems to have stuck the landing. Though we're not sure if the superhero will return to the small screen for a second season just, yet, we do know that she is going to be joining in on the big screen action next summer in "The Marvels" alongside Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. But what about a solo film?

/Film recently had the chance to speak with series directors Adil El Arbi and Balall Fallah, and during the conversation, the duo revealed some of what they would like to see, provided the opportunity to continue on with the character in some fashion. El Arbi said, "We can do much more. We want to explore her, and her friends and family, like Bruno, Nakia, Zoe, all these, Yusuf." Then, Fallah chimed in adding, "I want to have more scenes with Imam Abdullah. Also a very cool character." But more to the point, El Arbi suggested what they would do if they had the opportunity to bring Kamala Khan to the big screen for a solo film:

"We'll see what happens. If they ask us for a feature or a movie, we'd love to have more animation in it, and more craziness [laughs], and have manga sequences with her powers and all that. That's the goal."

Once again, Fallah then chimed in adding an ever-important, "And obviously, see if we can add some X-Men flavor to it." A big, important flavor for sure.

More Kamala but when and where?

El Arbi lightly suggests the opportunity for a film there, but it seems like many of the ideas that the directors are suggesting they would like to play with could fit into a potential "Ms. Marvel" season 2 as well. A movie does tend to bring a bigger budget condensed into less time, but still, they aren't asking the world. Though the whole "X-Men" of it all is intriguing. When Bruno says the word "mutation" in the show, we do hear a clip of the "X-Men: The Animated Series" theme, not unlike when Professor X arrived in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." Clearly, there is more to explore there and Fallah wants to pull on that thread.

Whether or not the MCU's version of Kamala Khan will connect her to the X-Men in any other way remains up in the air. After all, in the comics, she's an Inhuman. Whatever the case may be, we know she's going to make the jump to the big screen next year in the "Captain Marvel" sequel which, it's worth pointing out, is the sequel to a movie that made well over $1 billion at the box office. Kamala's stage is only going to get bigger next year, and that bodes well for more. Luckily, El Arbi and Fallah don't seem to have any shortage of ideas.

All episodes of "Ms. Marvel" are now streaming on Disney+.