Good Girls' Superstore Connection Goes Deeper Than Its Cloud 9 Cameo

2021 saw the cancelation of not one, but two great NBC shows when the network axed both "Good Girls" and "Superstore." The former follows three Michigan moms who turn to a life of crime in order to make ends meet, while the latter centers on the exploits of a group of employees working at a fictional big-box store in Missouri called Cloud 9. On the surface, the two shows share little in common. One is a dramedy, the other is a sitcom, and there hasn't been any real crossover between the two. However, thanks to a major crossover behind-the-scenes — "Good Girls" showrunner Jenna Bans and "Superstore" showrunner Justin Spitzer are married — both series appear to take place in the same universe. While none of the characters from either show have interacted with one another, they are connected by Cloud 9.

That's right, the same chain where Jonah, Amy, and Dina work has been frequented by Beth, Annie, and Ruby. Because the shows are so tonally distinct, it's difficult to imagine any of these people in the same room together, but that didn't stop fans from hoping. Now that both shows have been canceled, all hope is lost, but at least we have a combined 10 seasons of great television to keep us busy. 

So, how did the connection between "Good Girls" and "Superstore" come about and just how deep does it run?

Everyone shops at Cloud 9

When asked by Variety how often she and her husband exchange notes, Jenna Bans explained:

"All of the time! It's the best thing about being married to a writer. But we really need to set a limit on how much we talk shop because we're both doing shows this year. As you can imagine, it takes up a lot of dinner table conversation when we're home for dinner. But yeah, we run storylines past each other. We actually have a Cloud 9 appearance later in the season. The women end up robbing — well, it's not exactly robbing but end up using Cloud 9 as a way to get what they want. We don't really talk about it — it's just kind of there. I don't know if there will be much crossover audience, but if there is, they're in for a treat because Cloud 9 has a pretty strong presence. We built Cloud 9 [on our set] in Atlanta and Retta, who's close with ['Superstore' stars] America Ferrera and Ben Feldman sent them a picture of herself in Cloud 9. They were like, 'What's going on? Where are you? What set are you on?' I don't think Justin ever told them. So they were just completely shocked by it."

Cloud 9 played a major role in "Good Girls" season 1 when Beth, Ruby, and Annie needed to find a way to wash their money. The solution seemed simple: buy a bunch of expensive stuff from Cloud 9 with the fake cash and then return it all for a full refund of clean money. That wasn't even the only appearance or mention of the sitcom store though, as characters have been seen shopping there more than once and eagle-eyed fans have spotted bags with Cloud 9's label. Beth and co. are lucky Dina wasn't there for their shenanigans — she totally would've caught them!