Surface Trailer: Gugu Mbatha-Raw Deals With Extreme Memory Loss In The New Apple TV+ Thriller

In the eight-episode Apple TV+ series "Surface," Gugu Mbatha-Raw ("Loki") plays Sophie, a woman who apparently attempted to end her life, and is dealing with memory loss. However, it may not be that at all. We learn in the trailer that her husband isn't who she thought he was, and that the life she can't remember is filled with secrets. The clues start turning up in the form of the EMT who saved her saying that her ID didn't match who she kept saying she was, a person who says Sophie's getting close to secrets that can no longer be covered, and a key to what appears to be a storage unit. Those things are never used for anything that is not nefarious, if TV and film are to be believed.

"Surface" was created by Victoria West ("High Fidelity"), and stars Mbatha-Raw, who also executive produces, Oliver Jackson-Cohen ("The Haunting of Hill House"), Stephan James ("If Beale Street Could Talk"), Ari Graynor ("I'm Dying Up Here"), Academy Award-nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste ("Secrets & Lies"), François Arnaud ("I Killed My Mother") and Millie Brady ("Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"). Watch the trailer below. 

'Sometimes it's hard, not knowing your own secrets'

While it does sound like a story we've seen before, with a protagonist who doesn't remember anything about themselves, and the puzzle pieces of a complicated existence being slowly revealed, it remains intriguing. I have to know what happens now. Plus, I love Gugu Mbatha-Raw in anything. This looks like it's going to be twisty and juicy, and I'm ready for it!

"Surface is produced by Apple Studios and Hello Sunshine. West, in addition to creating and writing the series, will serve as executive producer. Also executive producing are Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Neustadter. "I May Destroy You" director Sam Miller directed four episodes including the pilot, and will also executive produce. Also directing are Kevin Sullivan, Jennifer Morrison, and Tucker Gates.

Set in high-end San Francisco, "Surface" stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw ("The Morning Show"), who also executive produces, as 'Sophie,' a woman who has suffered a traumatic head injury that has left her with extreme memory loss, believed to be a result of a suicide attempt. As Sophie embarks on a quest to put the pieces of her life back together with the help of her husband and friends, she begins to question whether or not the truth she is told is in fact the truth she has lived. Through twists and turns and an unexpected love triangle, this sexy, elevated thriller asks: What if you woke up one day and didn't know your own secrets? "Surface" is a story of self- discovery which contemplates if we are pre-programmed to become who we are, or if we choose our own identity.

"Surface" will premiere on Apple TV+ on July 29, 2022, with the first three episodes. They will premiere weekly after that.