Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Features An Easter Egg From One Of The Most Famous Episodes Of All Time

This post contains spoilers follow for episode 7 of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds."

The concept of fate is a pretty crucial component in the latest "Star Trek" series, "Strange New Worlds." Though the series has cleverly found a way to flesh out the most overlooked characters from the original series, it's still clearly adhering to the canon in the larger scheme. The knowledge of what ultimately happens to key Enterpris" crew members — Captain Pike and Officer Spock, especially — has fueled quite a bit of tension (and a lot of dramatic irony) throughout the season. Notably, Pike is fully aware of the tragic fate that awaits him in a few years' time. But Spock is blissfully ignorant of his near future, especially where his impending marriage to the Vulcan T'Pring is concerned.

Many "Star Trek" fans might know that the couple effectively (and dramatically) part ways in the original series episode "Amok Time," but both Spock and T'Pring are pretty committed to seeing their betrothal through in "Strange New Worlds." And honestly, it's been great watching Spock stumble through a healthy long distance relationship. It's got me secretly hoping against hope — not to mention the established timeline — that he actually finds a way to make things work with T'Pring. The signs of their incompatibility have been few and far between thus far, but after the series' seventh episode, "The Serene Squall," it's clear that "Strange New Worlds" has no intention of avoiding the events of "Amok Time."

The dawn of Stonn

"The Serene Squall" does a great job of shedding a bit more light on T'Pring's work at Ankeshtan K'til, a rehabilitation center for Vulcans who have abandoned the path of logic. T'Pring's role with El-Keshtanktil makes her a target of the pirate Captain Angel, who intends to trade Spock for a prisoner in her custody. After Angel captures Spock and the Enterprise crew, they reach out to T'Pring via subspace transmission — and it's T'Pring's colleague, a Vulcan named Stonn, who informs her of the message.

If that name sounds familiar, you might recognize it from "Amok Time." Stonn is actually the Vulcan that T'Pring ends up falling in love with after years apart from Spock. He doesn't say much in that infamous episode, but it's clear that T'Pring is pretty serious about marrying him. So much so that she forces a ritualistic trial by combat where a pon farr-ravaged Spock must battle Captain Kirk in a gladiatorial duel (Vulcan relationships are ... intense). It takes a certain amount of determination to force your betrothed to fight to the death for your hand. And given the bond they share in the future, it makes total sense that T'Pring would meet Stonn at work: They already seem to work closely together. Very closely.

Brief as Stonn's appearance in "Strange New Worlds" might be, it's a big revelation for the fans who've been watching T'Pring and Spock's relationship develop. It's been nice to see them try, but I think we all know that it can't last — and that brief glimpse of Stonn was just the wake-up call this wishful thinker needed. Though T'Pring is fiercely committed to Spock now, we're still years away from the events of "Amok Time." When exactly will her feelings change? And how? "Strange New Worlds" will likely give us the answers soon ... just not too soon, I hope. T'Pring and Spock are still very cute together.