Dragon Age: Absolution Trailer: The Classic Video Game Series Is Now A Netflix Show

The search for the next big fantasy show rages on, with every network desperate for their own "Game of Thrones." But while everyone has been focusing on the live-action shows competing to be king, the real fantasy streaming war is happening right under most people's noses: in animation.

Epic fantasy has been a growing subgenre of Western animation in recent years. While Amazon has "The Legend of Vox Machina," Netflix has conquered the high fantasy animation corner with gems like "Trollhunters," "Arcane," "Maya and the Three," "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" and "The Dragon Prince." 

Keeping with the dragon theme, Netflix has announced they are bringing one of the best fantasy video games of the past two decades to animation: "Dragon Age." The first trailer for "Dragon Age: Absolution" teases the next big fantasy animation coming to the streamer, which promises to expand the world of the modern classic RPG with anime-inspired 2D animation.

Welcome to Tevinter

The trailer for "Dragon Age: Absolution" doesn't show much in terms of story, but there's enough here to make fans of both the game, and of fantasy cartoons excited. For one, the show is made in collaboration with the studio behind the game, BioWare, and last time Netflix released a show made in collaboration with the game's studio, we got "Arcane," so this is good news.

Additionally, the show will take place in the Tevinter Imperium, a mythical and hugely important empire within the "Dragon Age" universe, which has never really been portrayed in the games yet. In the universe of "Dragon Age," the use of magic is heavily restricted in most of the world, with mages being persecuted and forced to either be executed or join a circle of mages where they are heavily oppressed by the leading church. That's not the case with Tevinter, which is actually ruled by mages in a magocracy, which could make for interesting dynamics and lots, lots of magic. 

That being said, it seems the show will not follow the story of the games, but be a new story with "characters inspired by, and authentic to, 'Dragon Age' lore." Meaning we'll get elves, mages and knights, but also demons, templars and the badass Qunari.

"Dragon Age: Absolution" will be produced by Korean animation studio Red Dog Culture House, which also worked on the animated prequel "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf." 

There's no specific release date for "Dragon Age: Absolution," but the six-episode series will debut on December, 2022.