Adorable Badass Ms. Marvel Gets Her Own Adorably Badass Marvel Legends Figure

The Disney+ series "Ms. Marvel" is finally here, and Iman Vellani is knocking it out of the park as the titular superhero Kamala Khan. She's a major Captain Marvel fangirl, and at 16 years old, discovers superpowers of her very own. Fans have been waiting for this series for a very long time (especially since it was originally supposed to release in 2021). It was worth the wait, friends. 

Now, if you feel a powerful need to have a tiny version of Ms. Marvel in your own home, Hasbro has a new product for you. The Hasbro Pulse website has released the pre-order page for the "Marvel Legends Series Disney Plus Ms. Marvel" figure. Even better? The price isn't outrageous and a 16 year old can afford to get one.

There are two per customer, and the figure retails for $24.99. The fly in the honey here? This isn't going to ship out until March 1, 2023. I love toys, and I'm happy to wait for the good ones, but that's pretty frustrating. On the other side of things, toys often spoil plot and character points, so maybe it's better this way. Either way, I'm super excited to get this for my very own. 

Fangirls fighting crime for the win!

There is more to this figure than meets the eye. The purchase includes the figure, two accessories, and one Build-A-Figures part. 

This is a 6" scale Marvel Legends MCU figure, inspired by the show, not directly from the comics. It has premium articulation. Her costume is pretty great, up to and including her sneakers and her bracelet. The Build-A-Figures part is for Infinity Ultron. You can, of course, collect all the figures to assemble an additional figure. The facial sculpt is pretty great, and the hair is surprisingly real-looking. Sometimes articulated figures can look creepy around the joint area, but this one really doesn't. 

Even the textures on the costume are really cool, though the lightning bolt doesn't stay aligned when she moves. Not really a big deal, but I figured I'd mention it. 

Ms. Marvel comes with other hand positions, and the Build-A-Figure for Infinity Ultron is a major part, so I'm guessing it will make you want to get the rest to put him together. The additional figures are sold separately, though I'm not sure which ones they will be.

It's probably a good thing you can only get two per person. Is it March 2023 yet? In the meantime, new episodes of the Disney+ "Ms. Marvel" series release weekly on the streaming service on Wednesdays.