Korean Thriller The Witch 2 Is Getting A North American Theatrical Release

Well Go USA Entertainment, a popular indie distribution company, has picked up rights to Korean horror-thriller "The Witch 2: The Other One." The film is a sequel to the 2018 movie "The Witch: Subversion," which grossed just under $25 million in South Korea during its release.

The multi-regional rights cover both theatrical and digital in North America, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, which are major play markets for motion pictures.

The movie is written and directed by Park Hoon-jung, known for his work on the first film "The Witch: Subversion" and "New World." New actor Si-ah stars as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "a mysterious girl who emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the top-secret research facility behind the clandestine Witch Program. She is quickly rescued by a couple who understands the level of threat the girl now faces. However, as the assassins tasked with locating and silencing the girl move closer, the lives of all three are in grave danger."

Korea, China, and Japan all have incredibly strong genre presences in the film world at large, so it's great to see more projects coming to the forefront to receive distribution in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Zombie horror smash "The Sadness" dominated the genre festival circuit last year, and lest we forget the major moment J-horror had in the early aughts with "The Ring" and "The Grudge." There's always room for more classics, so bring it on.

The Witch 2 is coming

"Stove League" and "Do You Like Brahms?" star Park Eun-bin, "My Golden Life" and "King Maker" star Seo Eun-soo, "Mother" and "Descendants of the Sun" star Jin Gu, "The Battle: Road to Victory" and "Perhaps Love" star Sung Yoo-bin also round out the cast in supporting roles. Additionally, Cho Min-su, Lee Jong-seok, and Kim Da-mi — the protagonist and original witch from "The Witch: Subversion" — will also return to have supporting roles in the sequel film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the distributor is once again bolstering its North American releases of popular Asia genre titles after taking a break from this section of content during the majority of the coronavirus pandemic thus far. Korean crime movies "The Gangster," "The Cop," "The Devil," and the Hong Kong-China drama "Better Days" were previously released by Well Go, in addition to kids titles including Kim Bora's "House of Hummingbird."

Well Go USA Entertainment is set to release "The Witch 2: The Other One" in North American theaters on June 17, 2022.