Morbius Adds Just 85,000 Morbucks To Its Total Gross In First Day Of Re-Release

Well, this sucks. After it was announced that Sony would rerelease "Morbius" for one weekend, the internet's latest meme obsession starring Jared Leto only grossed an additional $85,000 at the box office on Friday (via The Numbers). While that might sound bad, it gets even worse when taking into consideration that it was released in over a thousand theaters, only averaging around $82 per theater.

So, just how bad is this? Let's do some simple math. Statista reports that the average price of a movie ticket in the U.S. was $9.57 in 2021. Keep in mind that this is kind of a generous estimate, given how movie theaters in busier markets are often more expensive. If we divide 82 by 9.57, you will get approximately 8.56. This means only around eight or nine tickets were sold per theater this Friday to see Matt Smith dance shirtless in a bathroom. If you take into consideration that many movie theaters in populous markets often charge more for tickets, that means that many theaters saw even fewer tickets sold.

It isn't Morbin' time after all

So, if you're wondering if this will be enough to will "2 Mor 2 Bius" into existence ... it probably won't. "Morbius" has brought in around $73 million domestically since its April 1 release, including Friday's re-release. Deadline reported in April that the movie cost somewhere between $75 and $83 million to make, not including its marketing budget. It also brought in around $90 million internationally (via Box Office Mojo), bringing its total gross to around $163.4 million — a far cry from the Morbillion dollars that Morbheads were hoping it would earn.

If this debacle is a sign of anything, it's that internet hype (or mockery, in this case) doesn't reflect the general moviegoing public. It's something we can probably refer to as the "Snakes on a Plane" effect, wherein a movie's meme potential does not guarantee that it will turn a profit. Perhaps Sony believed that social media trolls were laughing with "Morbius" rather than at "Morbius," or maybe they understood that they were being made fun of and decided to embrace the joke. Either way, it wasn't successful, and the legacy of this movie will likely be one full of memes, artificial blood, and a great misunderstanding of irony on the internet.

All of this is to say that the "Morbius" memes that infiltrated your timelines are officially funny again. Go crazy, people!

"Morbius" is currently playing in theaters.