The Final Episodes Of Stranger Things Season 4 Promise A 'Mad Symphony Of Chaos'

"Stranger Things" season 4, episodes 1 to 7 are out on Netflix, leaving us with just two episodes left. It seemed like a strange choice to split the season, but according to an EW interview with series creators and showrunners the Duffer Brothers, we're in for a treat!

The reason for the delay, by the way? The final episodes, which are very long, aren't done yet. We know this from a response to a tweet about the show from none other than horror god Stephen King. King said, "The new season of STRANGER THINGS is really cool–as good or better than the previous three. There's even a CARRIE riff. Is it the whole season or is it another one of those that's broken into 2 parts? IMHO that's kind of lame." The "Stranger Things" writers account responded in the cutest way possible, "Sorry Uncle Stevie, 8+9 aren't done yet, but we're working as fast as we can! Glad you're enjoying and that you picked up on our super subtle Carrie riff."

Calling him Uncle Stevie? I'm drowning in the sweetness of that. In the EW interview, it was mentioned that cast member Jamie Campbell Bower called the final two episodes of the season "explosive." The Duffer Brothers were asked about what we're going to see. Matt Duffer said that it wasn't originally supposed to be split into two parts, and that they had to look for the "best natural break." They decided on episode 7 because it's the end of the second act. He said, "... what we're heading into is the third act, the climax. So it's just this massive, massive climax. Not to say it's all action, there's a lot of action in it, but there's a lot of big, emotional character moments."

It will be explosive, Uncle Stevie!

Season 4 has been pretty powerful so far. I did not see that big reveal coming. I'm very much hoping that Will's sexuality will be addressed, that Steve doesn't die (I have crossed my fingers and toes because that glorious hair should be here forever), that Robin's crush will notice and adore her, and that we get more Eddie Munson.

Ross Duffer explained even more about what's coming including "character reveals," "big plot reveals," and "more surprises to come." He did address the fact that this is going to be a lot different because the gang is in different places. He said:

"So to us, that created a challenge, both for us as writers, but also for the characters. How can we defeat this evil when we're not even in the same space? So that's something that we're really excited about, seeing how that all comes together. And just the cross-cutting. Obviously, we've been cross-cutting between these very different worlds all season, but the cross-cutting becomes very rapid in that final episode, and we were just bouncing between all of our locations really, really quickly."

Maybe it will make more sense when we see the next two episodes. Between the two run times, we have almost four hours left in the season. Season 5 will be the last one for the series.

Matt Duffer said he saw an interview with Joe Quinn (who plays Eddie) saying that the last two episodes are like, "a mad symphony of chaos," and he said he was going to steal that description. I'm 100% in for that!

"Stranger Things" season 4, episodes 8 and 9 will hit Netflix on July 1, 2022.