Daniel Radcliffe's On-Set Attitude Is Based On One Simple Rule

Daniel Radcliffe is a really nice guy. Just ask Sandra Bullock. The actor is prominently known for his role in "Harry Potter," but Radcliffe has since appeared in several independent films and stage productions in an attempt to diversify his filmography. Radcliffe's popularity is consistent across the world — the eight-film franchise grossed $7.7 billion and garnered a massive fan community, making the actor a household name. Since the concluding film was released in 2011, Radcliffe has found success with roles in "Miracle Workers" and "Swiss Army Man," and his next project is starring in a biographical tale based on the American singer "Weird Al" Yankovic.

So, what's the secret to Radcliffe's consistent big-screen successes? What's the one rule he abides by completely? As per the actor, having a positive attitude and being kind to everyone on set is an excellent way to go about your acting career.

Daniel Radcliffe wants actors to be understanding

In the 2019 film "Guns Akimbo," Daniel Radcliffe plays Miles, a game developer who accidentally becomes a participant in a real-life death match streamed online. At the film's premiere, the performer shared some advice for other actors: to be nice to their cast and crew while filming a project. It's his one rule, and he has followed it throughout his acting career.

In an interview with BriefTake, Radcliffe shared that he genuinely believed in being kind to everyone, and it was the best advice he could give anyone. There's a lot that goes on to make a movie, especially the crew that works hard to prep things before the actors arrive on set. The actor said that everyone's job is challenging, so it's necessary to be understanding:

"In a way actors are the people that people tend to focus on in the film, but ... you're like the last person to arrive on set in the day, you're one of the first people to leave. There are parts of your job that are challenging, but there are parts of everyone's job that are challenging."

He can't be around people with a bad attitude

"The Lost City" star further revealed he felt frustrated when colleagues have resorted to a bad attitude, especially when asked to do another take. Daniel Radcliffe says it's personally challenging for him to be around people who exhibit that kind of conduct:

"Nothing will ever drive me quite as crazy as seeing something and it's subtle things, it's not necessarily like big freakouts all time, like if I see an actor for example, like if the boom mic falls into shot in one take, or if we have to go again because focus was on the camera and you know, actors, if I see an actor getting annoyed by that I want to shake them and say 'How many times have you screwed up a line and you made a mistake and everyone ... and it's fine, it's not an issue.' And 90% of actors are really nice and the 10% [chuckles] tend to get a lot more attention or take up a lot more brain space, because it's personally hard for me to be around that kind of attitude."

Radcliffe's costars have always had great things to say about him — most recently, Sandra Bullock gushed over her "The Lost City" cast mate and how humble he is, despite his accomplishments. We could all learn a little from Radcliffe, whether we're actors or not!