Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie Is Next In The Pipeline

The "Star Wars" franchise is an ever-evolving one, and current developments including "Obi-Wan Kenobi" warrant a grander plan in terms of future direction. And there seems to be a solid plan already in motion: Taika Waititi's own "Star Wars" project, which was under the wraps for quite some time, is next in the pipeline for the expansion of the franchise (via Vanity Fair).

Kathleen Kennedy, president at Lucasfilm, told Vanity Fair the details about the "road map" created, and how it includes the feature film from Waititi and "1917" screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns' next, followed up by Patty Jenkins' "Rogue Squadron" being slated right after. As there are a string of "Star Wars" projects lined up, including "Andor," "Ahsoka," "Rangers of the New Republic," and "The Acolyte," the roster for the franchise's projects remain fuller and more diverse than ever.

Taika's version of a galaxy far far away

While there are no explicit details about Waititi's "Star Wars" project, which remains secretive and untitled at the moment, the film in question will undoubtedly be infused with the director's uniquely fun tone and treatment. In an interview with Wired, Waititi confirmed that the story they are working on feels authentic to his own vision — and let's be honest, that's what matters the most when viewing a Taika Waititi film.

Now, it is difficult to speculate what the exact subject matter of his upcoming "Star Wars" project will be, but no matter what it is, it is bound to take a freshly creative route, which can help reinvigorate the franchise and make it branch out in interesting ways. This upcoming Waititi project is not the director's first foray into the franchise, as he previously directed "Chapter 8: Redemption" in "The Mandalorian." The director also granted his voice to the eccentric, yet lovable IG-11, who appeared in various episodes of "The Mandalorian."

His next big project, of course, is "Thor: Love and Thunder," which seems to be fully embracing the director's oddball humor and distinct style, while incorporating elements from the comics to further expand the MCU mythos. Waititi described "Love and Thunder" as a "midlife crisis" film, and that it differs in tone from his previous "Thor" entries.

If Waititi finds his usual way to inject his upcoming "Star Wars" project with his signature vision — which embraces fun elements while diving into deeper emotional waters — we might have something unique to look forward to in the near future. 

"Thor: Love and Thunder" opens in theaters on July 8, 2022. Waititi's unnamed "Star Wars" project has no release date attached to it yet.