David Cronenberg To Direct Film Based On His Book Consumed

Body horror master David Cronenberg is having a busy year. His latest film, "Crimes of the Future," is set to debut at Cannes this month. He also has a movie called "The Shrouds" in the works, with Vincent Cassel set to star. But in an interview with Variety ahead of Cannes, the filmmaker has revealed that he's actually working on yet another project, this one based on his own novel, "Consumed."

The director confirmed the project to Variety, saying that he doesn't have a script written yet and that "The Shrouds" will come first in terms of release. Per Variety, Cronenberg's producing partner Robert Lantos mentioned that "Consumed" will be a feature, whereas it was apparently originally envisioned as a Netflix series. Cronenberg explained why the Netflix deal didn't work out, saying:

"It turns out that it's not so easy to get a series with Netflix. In fact, it seems that it might be easier to get an independent film made if it's of a certain type. I'd say maybe a film that isn't the conservative kind of movie as Netflix would like."

Cannibalism, surgery, and mystery diseases

If Netflix isn't ready for Cronenberg's gory, often X-rated sensibilities, that's their loss. "Consumed," Cronenberg's 2014 debut novel, seems to be a signature display of every nasty, compelling thing that seems to preoccupy the director's brain space. According to official synopses, the plot follows two freelance journalists, Naomi and Nathan, who get drawn into two separate but equally intense stories. In Paris, Naomi investigates a potentially cannibalistic murder, while in Hungary, Nathan photographs a controversial surgeon and develops an unusual sexually transmitted infection.

The filmmaker behind horror classics like "The Fly" and extreme works like "Crash" hasn't made a feature since 2014's "Maps to the Stars," but with his latest work in competition at Cannes, he's set to re-emerge in a major way. /Film was able to check out the first footage from "Crimes of the Future" at CinemaCon, and it featured some squirm-inducing looks at the visceral body modification thriller.

When asked by Variety if he was still working on "Consumed," Cronenberg replied: 

"That's correct. I don't have a screenplay yet for that but I will be writing that."

Cronenberg is also currently shopping "The Shrouds" at the French film festival. In the film, Cassel will play a widower named Karsh who attempts to invent a device that will help him communicate with people who have died. Since NEON still has to release "Crimes of The Future" and Cronenberg wants to dig into "The Shrouds" before filming "Consumed," we Cronenberg-loving sickos may be waiting a while to see Naomi and Nathan's story on screen.