May Calamawy Loved One Particular Part Of Her Scarlet Scarab Costume In Moon Knight

Towards the end of the "Moon Knight" season 1 finale that dropped on Disney+ on Wednesday, the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced its first female Egyptian superhero. Donning wings and spectacular superhero armor, Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) emerged from the rubble and transformed into an avatar of Tawaret (the Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and fertility) during "Gods and Monsters," the show's sixth episode.

Layla's character arc has always ensured she is more than just Marc's love interest. She's a fully realized character who has no intentions of becoming a full-time avatar, nor does she yearn for the same abilities as her husband. She makes a temporary arrangement with Tawaret to put an end to Harrow's crimes and bind Ammit once again, becoming a superhero in the process. 

As Tawaret's avatar, Layla is granted the gifts of superhuman strength and agility. She can perform some incredible gymnastics and has the ability to absorb energy blasts. She wears an armor of black, white, and gold, complete with bulletproof golden wings, a pair of twin swords, and what appears to be a traditional ancient Egyptian wrap skirt known as the schenti displayed in the front. Fans have different opinions on what the best part of her costume is (seriously, have you seen those wings?), and now, May Calamawy has revealed her favorite. Let's just say that her answer may surprise you!

May Calamawy loves how 'royal' her costume is

In an interview with, Calamawy gushed over her impressive new costume, courtesy of Tawaret, the Egyptian hippo goddess. While Layla's golden, magic-deflecting wings appear to be the pièce de résistance in her costume, the Egyptian-Palestinian actress was rather excited about her "incredible" pants and wrap skirt. 

"We had this man named Wilbur, who hand-painted all of the designs on the pants, which I loved, and on the neck. The top part keeps you straight, so you're walking around already like this. And it feels really regal and royal. It's just– it's really cool. It's cool when you forget, and then you look down, and you're like, whoa."

I can understand Calamawy's sentiments — her character's costume certainly has a regality about it. The Scarlet Scarab is an Egyptian superhero, so it is only fair that her costume is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian clothing!

The Scarlet Scarab is a new addition to the MCU

First introduced in 1997, the Scarlet Scarab in the comics is an entirely different character from Layla. The superhero appeared in the pages of "Invaders #23" as part of its World War II series and described the superhero's powers of strength, flight, and the ability to absorb and blast energy. The only connection between Layla and the original Scarlet Scarab is a name — the comic book character was Abdul Faoul, and Layla's late father's name was Abdallah El-Faouly. The original hero was a symbol of bravery for Egypt — a warrior who protected his nation with all his might ... far from Layla's real father, who was an archaeologist.

While Layla isn't officially referred to as the Scarlet Scarab in "Moon Knight," the team behind the series has confirmed the character's superhero identity. Calamawy is the MCU's first Egyptian superhero, and the reveal has been a moment of great joy for the MENA community. Representation is and will always be necessary — so to see an Arab actress bring an Arab superhero to life for the first time in mainstream entertainment culture is a moment worth celebrating. Here's hoping "Moon Knight" gets a second season, so we may see Layla El-Faouly in her badass Scarlet Scarab attire once more.