Brian And Charles Trailer: A Charming Story About An Inventor And His Makeshift Robot

After premiering virtually at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, the delightfully charming indie comedy "Brian and Charles" is coming to theaters this summer. Marking the directorial debut of Jim Archer, the film from writers David Earl and Chris Hayward (both also starring in the film as the title characters) follows the unlikely friendship between a lonely Welsh inventor named Brian (Earl) and his washing machine turned artificially intelligent companion Charles (voiced by Hayward). 

Focus Features has released the first trailer for "Brian and Charles," and you should full be prepared to fall in love with this quirky duo. As I wrote in my review for the film back in January this year:

"'Brian and Charles' follows a path not unlike 'The Iron Giant' and 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestial,' though the plot doesn't come with the same sense of urgency or high stakes. Instead, it's the characters that you fall in love with, hoping for nothing but the best for all of them. Charles becomes Brian's wobbly, unwieldy kid, and they both learn something about each other and the world around them in the process."

Watch the "Brian and Charles" trailer below to get a peek at the movie yourself.

Meet Charles Petrescu

Hopefully the indie-loving audiences out there will go out of their way to see this one on the big screen. It's not full of much spectacle that demands the theater, but it's the kind of heart-warming, funny gem that should be seen with an audience for maximum enjoyment. There are plenty of laughs to be had, and nothing beats the communal experience of a great comedy in a packed cinema. At the very least, you should drag your friends (and maybe your own makeshift robot) to watch it with you.

"Brian and Charles" also stars Louise Brealey, James Michie and Nina Sosanya. In addition to directing, Jim Archer also serves as editor after developing and co-funding the film with Film4 and the BFI, not to mention writing and directing the short film of the same name that won gold at the Young Director Awards at Cannes and inspired this new feature length adaptation.

Here's the official synopsis for "Brian and Charles" from Focus Features:

Meet Brian — a lonely, luckless inventor who takes on his most ambitious project yet. Enter Charles — Brian's extraordinary masterpiece – an artificially intelligent robot made from odds and ends, including an old washing machine, who has an inexplicable obsession with cabbages. Together, Brian and Charles is a heartwarming and entertaining tale about friendship, family, finding love, and letting go.

Brian and Charles is slated to hit theaters this summer on June 17, 2022.