The Circle K Made Famous In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Is Closing

Friends, this is bogus. As someone who feels compelled to yell, "Hello San Dimas" when I drive by the town because of 1989's "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," and refuses to call Socrates anything but So-Crates, I am exceedingly sad to report that the Tempe, Arizona, location of the Circle K used in the filming of the movie will be closing later this month, according to Phoenix New Times. Without Rufus and his phone booth, how the heck am I supposed to figure out when the Mongols invaded China now? 

(Kids, this was a time before Google and cell phones. A phone booth was a weird box where you could use a public payphone in relative privacy. Also, it's where Superman changed his clothes. Never mind.)

If you recall, the Circle K convenience store is where Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Alex Winter) and "Ted" Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) met with Rufus (the late George Carlin), the time traveler from the future who takes them on their time traveling adventure. What were they doing there in the first place? Asking people for help studying for their history test, of course. Why, where do you go to ask random people to help you study? 

This is most non-triumphant.

Sad things are afoot at the Circle K

The site emailed the spokesperson for the Circle K's Grand Canyon Division, but no word has been received. Filming took place at this particular location (which took the place of a Circle K in San Dimas, California) back in 1987. It sits (for now) at the corner of Southern Avenue and Hardy Drive, according to the article. It appears that we'll have to go back in time to see it for ourselves soon.

The site confirmed the closure with the employees at the store, who said they'd heard it over the past few days. Fans have reportedly filmed video tributes over the years and taken a ton of photos. There is also a framed movie poster on the wall, apparently. Those poor employees have been asked about when the Mongols ruled China over and over again. 

I think this means it's time for a rewatch of the film series, which includes "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," 1991's "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey," and 2020's only bright spot, "Bill & Ted Face the Music."

All we are is dust in the wind, dude. Sadly, that goes for the famous Circle K from the film.