Clark Trailer: Bill Skarsgard Is A Very Likable Bank Robber

The latest official trailer for the Netflix crime biographical drama "Clark" is here, and let me tell you one thing about this trailer — it is chaotic. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund ("Polar," "Lords of Chaos"), "Clark" chronicles the life of notorious Swedish gangster/bank robber Clark Olofsson, who single-handedly might have been the originator of Stockholm Syndrome. While I am not quite sure how to feel about all that, Bill Skarsgård, who plays the "charismatic criminal," seems to be having a ton of fun portraying the character's layered origin story.

Check out the madness that "Clark" seems to be by checking out the trailer below.

A wild tale about a notorious criminal

The trailer for "Clark" starts with the titular character introducing himself as a famous bank robber, here to tell the story of his eventful life. Olofsson explains how he would prefer the term "Clark Olofsson Syndrome" instead of Stockholm Syndrome, given how he is the originator of the concept after the 1973 Norrmalmstorg robbery. The robbery in question led to a hostage situation, in which the captives appeared to bond with their captors and protect them (however, it also has been noted that it was simply an act of self-preservation in the aftermath of a traumatic situation).

The Netflix series attempts to dissect the origins of Olofsson's crime career, plunging back to his family roots, and possibly offering an explanation of how he came to become the man he was. Needless to say, a fair bit of artistic liberty and dramatization comes into play, hopefully without running the risk of glamorizing a hardened criminal. Deemed one of the most controversial criminal figures in Swedish history, Olofsson has been convicted of multiple accounts of attempted murder, assault, robbery, and narcotics trafficking.

Åkerlund spoke about the details of the series, his approach to the real-life story, along with Skarsgård's depiction of the role, praising the actor's ability to portray the character in a "perfect" manner (via What's On Netflix):

"Clark is the story about the most politically incorrect man, who lived the most politically incorrect life. These are the kinds of stories I always look for. It's an ultra-violent, witty, emotional, real, and surreal biography to put a face to the name Stockholm Syndrome, but it isn't just about the Norrmalmstorg Robbery. It's about his whole life and what made him who he is, the truth and lies of his incredible career.

Bill Skarsgård is the perfect match for this and he will bring the Stockholm Syndrome to the role. And Netflix is the perfect platform, they are not just the biggest streaming service, they also have the boldness to tell this incredible story."

While the series will re-enact the crimes Olofsson has committed during his life, it seems to be taking a vibrant, comedic route when it comes to bringing the story to life.

"Clark" will premiere on May 5, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.