Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced — Watch The Stunningly Realistic Debut Trailer

After waiting over a decade for the last installment in the popular Disney-inspired game, "Kingdom Hearts" fans experienced a beautiful surprise this weekend: a fourth game is just around the corner, and it looks amazing. The popular Square Enix franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and the trailer for the new game debuted at the official anniversary event in Tokyo. Check out the trailer, which starts around 4:12 in the video below.

Sora's come a long way from Destiny Islands, and in this new game, he seems to be further than ever from home. The trailer starts off looking nothing like a "Kingdom Hearts" game, to the point that it certainly would have surprised unsuspecting fans watching it debut in person. It's set in an Earth-like cityscape called Quadratum, where swirling darkness is the only hint at the presence of the villainous Heartless. But by the time fans see our hero Sora's signature spiky hair peeking over the edge of a couch, it's clear that we're in for a new "Kingdom Hearts" adventure.

A whole new world

Two thing become immediately apparent in this new trailer. First off, "Kingdom Hearts IV" looks utterly gorgeous. The animation is hyper-realistic, and Sora has gotten a bit of a makeover. The young hero seems to have grown up a bit, and his admittedly goofy outfit — complete with massive Mickey Mouse-style shoes — from the previous games has been replaced by a more streamlined look. Soon, Sora jumps into action to fight a massive Heartless creature that's swinging entire buildings around. A few shots of cars on the city street look so real, it's almost like we're seeing camera footage rather than animation.

The second major takeaway from this trailer is that, like the early scenes of "Kingdom Hearts II," the new installment initially seems to have nothing to do with Disney whatsoever. The games are nostalgic favorites for players in large part because they offer the chance to explore some of the best Disney properties up close and personal, from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" to "Alice in Wonderland." The new footage doesn't include any previews of worlds that may be featured in "Kingdom Hearts IV," though its forest scene early on feels a little like something out of the "Star Wars" sequels.

Rest assured, though, "Kingdom Hearts IV" isn't leaving Disney behind. The trailer ends with Goofy and Donald, Sora's faithful companions, wandering around in the dark trying to find him. They see a blue flame in the darkness, and a voice calls out, "Just where do you think you're going?" It's hard to say, but I'm guessing this could be "Hercules" villain Hades.

We may have to wait a while–though, hopefully, not another decade–to find out. Square Enix has not yet announced a platform or release date for "Kingdom Hearts IV."