Spider-Man: No Way Home Promo Breaks Down The Big Smashy Green Goblin Fight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves a good hallway fight. All of the Defenders' shows had their own version of it, but the one in the first season of "Daredevil" definitely stands out as one of the best. However, "Spider-Man: No Way Home" comes along and doesn't just have a fight in one hallway. No, the friendly neighborhood web-slinger and his multiversal mayhem spilled out into all the hallways of Happy Hogan's condo building. And I'm sure that his HOA is going to have some very big objections to that.

But it's not like Peter Parker was going to take it easy on arguably his greatest foe, the Green Goblin. When Tom Holland's Spidey mixed it up with Willem Dafoe as the latter reprised the role of Norman Osborn from the original wall-crawler trilogy from director Sam Raimi, it appeared that neither of the iconic Marvel characters held back. And now we get to take a peek behind the curtain to see how it was all done.

Match of the century

Ahead of the film's physical media release, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have shared a new video on YouTube promoting "Spider-Man: No Way Home." It's a preview of a featurette that should appear on the DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD discs that takes a closer look at the intensely brutal battle between Spider-Man and Green Goblin at the end of the second act.

A number of individuals involved in the making of this scene such as fight coordinator Jackson Spidell, associate producer Emily Fong, and second unit director/stunt coordinator George Cottle share their perspectives on how the fight came together. They particularly highlight the terrifying laugh accompanied by the demented, toothy grin that Dafoe breaks out in the middle of the action. While that might have been the most disturbing part of the altercation, my favorite part was seeing all the professional wrestling-inspired offense utilized by both characters. 

First, Peter uses a running knee attack that resembles Sasha Banks' signature meteora to pin Norman against the wall and rain down punches on him. Then, Goblin powerbombs Spidey through one floor before later delivering a massive spine buster through multiple floors that Arn Anderson, Triple H, and The Rock would be extremely proud of. Who knew that Norman Osborn was such a good hand with a solid work rate? Of course, he's putting over Spider-Man in the end, but the heel gets a good rub here.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" will finally be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD for True Believers to add to their collections on April 12, 2022.