The Everything Everywhere All At Once Soundtrack Is Streaming Now For Your Multiversal Needs

Directing duo Daniels gifted us with "Everything Everywhere All At Once," a heartfelt, delightful, bonkers multiversal treat that revels in the idea of infinite universes. The effect that the film has on the psyche can be overwhelming (in a fun way), and in case you want to lose yourself in the soundscape of the fantastically weird film, fret no more.

The "Everything Everywhere All At Once" soundtrack is currently available for streaming on all major platforms, allowing you to slip into corners of unexplored realms, where you can hopefully meet a version of yourself. 

You can listen to the 49-track extravaganza in its entirety here.

'Nothing could possibly matter more'

Existential crises are not fun for the most part, but when wrapped in a gem of a film that brims with heart, it transforms into a life-affirming experience. The "Everything Everywhere All At Once" soundtrack helps bring the most fantastical parts of the narrative to life, and now you can also live out a parallel life while blasting tracks like "This Is A Life," "Diedre Fight," and "I Love You Kung Fu."

Experimental band Son Lux scored the film's soundtrack, granting the narrative with a unique sci-fi action feel that melds operatic, post-rock, and electronica influences together. Musicians André 3000, Mitski, David Byrne, Moses Sumney, and others have teamed up with Son Lux to belt out some banging tracks, prominent being Mitski and Byrne's duet in "This Is A Life" and André 3000's flute being heard across the soundtrack.

Other collaborators who worked on the "Everything Everywhere All At Once" soundtrack include Randy Newman, Moses Sumney, Nina Moffitt, Chris Pattishall, Rob Moose, yMusic, Surrija, and actor Stephanie Hsu. Son Lux, who worked on the soundtrack project for over two years, talked about the "ambitious" nature of complementing a multiverse narrative of great scale (via NME):

"Even though we knew from the moment Daniels asked us to score this film that it would push us in new and unexpected directions, we couldn't have predicted how much we'd learn from the project. What emerged was our most ambitious undertaking to date, over two years in the making, resulting in two hours of new music. It was an opportunity for us to play, to infuse humor into our work, and to experiment from and beyond our various musical backgrounds."

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" hit theaters on March 25, 2022. The soundtrack for the film can be streamed on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, among others.