Fede Alvarez Reveals The Original Ending Of His Evil Dead Remake

If you thought the ending to Fede Alvarez's "Evil Dead" was dark, wait'll you get a load of his original plans for poor Mia (Jane Levy). 

2013's "Evil Dead" was impressively dark for a big studio title, especially given that even Sam Raimi had to tone it down to PG-13 by the time he made "Army of Darkness" which was released by Universal. Alvarez was going after the darker tone of Raimi's original indie movie, which itself was slapped with an "X" rating by the MPAA for gore and intensity. To Sony's credit, they let him make something ultra disturbing and filled with more blood than Johnny Depp's bedroom by the end of "A Nightmare on Elm Street." 

Today, Alvarez took to Twitter and revealed the take that was initially going to end the movie. Fans of Raimi's original will know what's what when they see the footage since the scripted ending was a deliberate callback to the end of the 1981 film.

The original ending would have been brutal

Alvarez tweeted a description of the first ending he filmed, adding that "I could share it here if you want. Just let me know and I'll post the take." 

Um, yeah, Fede! Of course we want to see it. 

He knew what he was doing. The people demanded it, so he shared the raw footage of the original ending.

Levy does let out a whopper of a scream there, he's not wrong about that. And then, to up the ante, the original scripted ending he wrote was even more of a bummer than what wound up in the film. 

Listen, I love a good, dark ending. I'm the guy that will sit here and defend the ending to "The Mist" 24/7, but exploding your lead in a rain of blood at the end of that already super dark story would have been too much even for me. But it's a fascinating look at the process of making a horror movie and the evolution of what eventually ends up on the screen. 

In short, Fede Alvarez used Twitter correctly. He let us movie fans get a peek behind the curtain, which is a welcome distraction from the potshots and smarmy quipping you mostly find on that app. 

It's a strange world we live in when a thread that ends with a young woman being brutally exploded by a demonic force is a positive usage of social media, but that's just our reality right now.