Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Trailer Reveals Launch Date For New Disney World Roller Coaster

Wild adventures have landed the Guardians of the Galaxy in prison, sent them to hide out on Knowhere, and once had them spend half a movie wandering around on the surface of Star Lord's dad (Ego, the Living Planet). But none of that compares to the location of their latest chaotic escapades — EPCOT! At long last, the much-anticipated Guardians-inspired attraction is officially set to debut on May 27, 2022. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, the heroic team will kick off the summer season with the new roller-coaster attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Cosmic Rewind has been in the works for years now, as a replacement for the longtime favorite Universe of Energy attraction, which shuttered its doors back in August of 2017. Always keeping things fresh, Disney Parks set out to break some boundaries with Cosmic Rewind by developing a new roller coaster experience for the attraction: this storycoaster rotates at 360 degrees, to keep riders focused on all the action as they join the Guardians on an intergalactic space through time and space. The technologically advanced coaster features footage directed by James Gunn himself, following in the footsteps of George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, who were involved in attractions like Captain EO and Star Tours. In case you're still wondering what to expect from this latest adventure, Disney has released a teaser for the coaster, hinting at the journey that lies ahead.

It's save the galaxy time... again!

The people of Xander are coming to Earth with the first "other-world" showcase at EPCOT, the Wonders of Xandar pavilion. But to maintain order, they might need a little help from the, uh, ever-reliable Guardians of the Galaxy. So what are our heroes up to when we see them? Peter Quill has fallen asleep at the wheel whilst Rocket Raccoon is reenacting my childhood crimes of pulling the tape straight out of a beloved cassette. Lucky for Rocket, there's no time for anyone to get too upset about the ruined tunes because the Guardians have bigger things to worry about. The commercial spot opens with an SOS message from Nova Corps: "Our outpost on Earth's EPCOT is in danger!"

Not only is everything and everyone at the Wonders of Xandar pavilion disappearing, but they also seem to be rewinding right out of existence. This is probably a good time to note that one of the coaster's biggest features is its reverse launch, something never before seen in Disney Parks. Cosmic Rewind also marks one of the longest enclosed coasters in the world. After Groot calls attention to the distress signal, Rocket sets out zooming into space. The Guardians' ship is joined by additional Starjumpers, Xandarian troops following to help out. This might just be where we civilians come in — aiding the Guardians on their mission. And by Guardians, I guess I mean Groot and Rocket, the only members present and conscious in the commercial.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will open as part of the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebration, on May 27, 2022. Here's the latest description of the ride, per Disney Parks:

As part of the EPCOT transformation, strap in, get your game face on and crank up your mixtape as you twist, turn and blast through an awesome intergalactic chase. Welcome to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind! A massive, first-of-its-kind family-thrill coaster only possible at EPCOT, where the Guardians of the Galaxy need YOU to save humanity on an amazing journey across space and time. Get ready to rewind, rotate and head toward the action through an exciting space pursuit. This cosmic trip will be one of the largest fully enclosed coasters in the world, featuring the first reverse launch on any Disney coaster!