Ambulance Trailer: Michael Bay Is Back, And He Has Drone Shots Now

Michael Bay will soon be back on the big screen, this time with more tense action, along with frenetic drone shots. The second trailer for Bay's upcoming action-thriller, "Ambulance," just dropped, and it is as chaotic as the previous trailers and featurettes that were released so far. A remake of the eponymous Danish film, "Ambulance" centers on Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) and war veteran Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who are forced to orchestrate a risky bank heist after Will is in desperate need of money for his ailing wife's surgery.

Check out the absolute madness of a trailer below.

More cars flying, more explosions (obviously)

The latest "Ambulance" trailer offers a deeper look at what happens after the central duo hijacks an ambulance with a paramedic and an officer inside. Racing through the streets of LA, the two attempt to find a safe way back home, trying to defuse the tense situation by loudly singing along to Christopher Cross' "Sailing" (!). The cops are after them, obviously, leading to tense chase sequences, vehicles exploding into flames, everyone shooting at one another ... you know the drill.

Due to the motivations behind the bank heist and the added urgency of the situation, the bond between the two brothers seems to be worsening with time, and the fact that the entire LA police department is after them does not help matters in the slightest. The action sequences are extremely fast-paced (in keeping with Bay's signature style), and the recently released "Ambulance" featurette looks into the behind-the-scenes filming process, revealing that one of the drone pilots is a drone racing league world champion. Bay really left no stone unturned after he said he wanted to just go and shoot the film "fast" prior to the start of the filming process, as the end result speaks for itself.

Alongside Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen II, the cast for "Ambulance" includes Eiza González, Garret Dillahunt, Keir O'Donnell, Jackson White, Olivia Stambouliah, Moses Ingram, and Colin Woodell. Check out the official synopsis for "Ambulance" below:

"Needing money to cover his wife's medical bills, a decorated veteran teams up with his adoptive brother to steal $32 million from a Los Angeles bank. However, when their getaway goes spectacularly wrong, the desperate thieves hijack an ambulance that's carrying a severely wounded cop and an EMT worker. Caught in a high-speed chase, the two siblings must figure out a way to outrun the law while keeping their hostages alive."

"Ambulance" will hit theaters on April 8, 2022.