One Peacemaker Cameo Led To 16 Minutes Of Deleted 'Aquaman Has Sex With Fish' Jokes

Before we get into this, I want to make it clear that if you haven't watched "Peacemaker" yet on HBO Max, and/or you don't know who the cameos are at the end, you should avert your eyes right now. There are spoilers ahead. I also want to be clear about the fact that I picked the thirstiest pic of Aquaman that I could manage for the "Aquaman has sex with fish" story because I couldn't resist. It makes me laugh, and we could all use that right now. 

Warnings complete. Moving on. At the end of episode 8, John Cena's Peacemaker has saved the world. Then, in come Justice League members Wonder Woman, Superman (showing off by hovering), Aquaman, and the Flash. Nice timing, my dudes. You were way too late. Superman and Wonder Woman were in silhouette, but Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Ezra Miller's Flash were actually on set. Peacemaker wasn't happy with their timing and yells to Aquaman, "Go f*** another fish, ass****." Aquaman says, "I'm so f***ing sick of that rumor." Flash responds, "It's not a rumor," leading to Aquaman saying, "F*** you, Barry." That's more asterixis than I've ever put in one paragraph. It must be some kind of record. That wasn't the only fish sex joke on set, though.

'It's not a rumor'

Director James Gunn told Total Film that there are way more "sex with fish" jokes on the cutting room floor. If that isn't a reason to go buy the Blu-ray when it comes out, I don't know what will convince you. Gunn told the site, 

"I have tons of stuff I didn't use. Ezra went on — and I'm not kidding — for 16 minutes about Aquaman having sex with fish. It was really funny." 

That is a whole lot of jokes, and though endless takes of improv on a theme wouldn't normally be a thing I'd love to watch, this is a joke my friends and I have been making since I started reading comics at the age of seven. I mean, there were also jokes about how he's swimming through a fish toilet, come on. I was seven. Poop jokes were funny. I need to see this footage, and then call my childhood comic friends and pretend I came up with them all. 

Will we see these Justice League members back for the second season of "Peacemaker"? Maybe, but if we don't, we will likely see other cameos. Gunn said: 

"I think we're going to see more connections in some other stuff as we move forward with 'Peacemaker' and other shows at HBO Max. So those [cameos] will keep coming. I don't know if the Justice League is going to show up in every season of 'Peacemaker;' that might be a one-time thing. We'll see!" 

Maybe someone should call Elisa from "The Shape of Water?" She likes this sort of thing.