Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star As Johnny Carson In New Bio Series

Oh look, a new show to watch with your grandparents! They're going to love that. In fact, why don't you make a whole day out of it? Take them out to lunch, let them ask you prying questions, help them run an errand (in the case of my grandparents, it was always a liquor store run), get all the hot family gossip, and then settle down to binge-watch Johnny Carson via Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the upcoming series "King of Late Night." 

Do they know what binge-watching is? You could change their lives! You could teach them to mainline content in a way that (sometimes) makes you feel bad! How exciting for them.

Although, we're getting ahead of ourselves because the series still has to be made. As per usual with big-name prestige projects, a Johnny Carson biopic has been floating around Hollywood for years, sometimes as a miniseries and others as a movie. With Gordon-Levitt ("Super Pumped") being cast as the leading man, it looks like the late-night tide is turning, but things could still go south for ol' Johnny. 

What I'm saying is don't start making plans, but you know, call your grandparents anyway. Tell them the news. They always like to hear from you.

Here's Joseph!

Anyway, back to the stuff you clicked on this story for. 

The details on "King of Late Night" are still scant, but we do know that David Milch ("Deadwood") will be writing, Jay Roach ("Bombshell") will be directing, and that it will be a co-production between Wiip and Anonymous Content. Besides that, there's no word on who will join Gordon-Levitt in front of the camera or who else will be working behind it, but all of this classic prestige power combined makes me feel like we'll definitely be getting a series worth talking about.

It's easier to live in a TV silo these days — there are so many shows to watch and a lot of them are a part of "The Bachelor" television universe. But every once in a while something cuts through the noise and everyone you work with watches it. Those shows usually aren't my favorite, but it's nice to have something to talk about while you wait for all the right people to join the Zoom meeting. 

Also, like I said earlier, your grandparents. They might be into it!

And speaking of "The Bachelor," early news about "King of Late Night" makes it sounds like the series definitely won't skimp on detailing Carson's personal life, which involved four marriages. Fun! Whatever the show ends up looking like, you can always come here to catch up on the hot news and cool takes. We're your grandparents now.