I Am Legend 2: Everything We Know So Far

On March 4, Will Smith's post-apocalyptic blockbuster "I Am Legend" made headlines with the announcement of a long-awaited sequel. And now, we're here to tell you everything we possibly can about it, because you're obviously quite curious to have actually clicked on the link in this day and age where people typically opt to read headlines and nothing more. It's only right to reward you for your effort by giving you the rundown on the plot, cast, and other information that we have managed to gather for "I Am Legend 2."

The cast and crew of I Am Legend 2

Actor Michael B. Jordan — Killmonger in "Black Panther" for you Marvel nerds — is set to both star in and co-produce the film. Additionally, "I am Legend 2" will see the return of Will Smith who will be reprising his original role as scientist Robert Neville from the first film. Smith will also serve as a producer for the film alongside Oscar winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who co-wrote the first film and will also serve as a writer for the upcoming sequel.

What will I Am Legend 2 be about?

Since the first "I am Legend" deals with Neville's survival as the last living human in New York after a manmade virus ravages the population, perhaps the sequel will pick up in a timeline during which the cure he created has been made available and distributed. Will Neville (who most certainly died at the end of the film to preserve the recently developed cure) even be alive to see that happen?

It would be interesting to see a rift between the Darkseekers and cured/uninfected human beings, which would raise questions about humanity and how we define conditions in need of curing — what if some of the infected don't want to be cured? What if they have evolved and developed their own culture and means of survival that they're perfectly fine with? Who is anyone else to impose upon their way of life? On the other hand, if their way of life is inherently harmful to the existence of other populations, how fair is it to leave them be? These are elements that could make for an especially intriguing sequel as they would expand upon some of the more philosophical themes presented in the first film.

Perhaps the movie will retcon the ending of the first by incorporating the alternate ending as canon and picking up where those events left off. Of course, this is all pure speculation because we currently have no clue how far ahead in the timeline the "I Am Legend" sequel will be, how and to what capacity Smith's character will be featured, or who Jordan's character will be.

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