Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King Trailer: Netflix's Latest True Crime Documentary Is Set In The World Of Crypto And Bitcoin

It's time for yet another Netflix true crime documentary: "Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King" delves into the suspicious death of cryptocurrency multimillionaire Gerald Cotten, and the missing $250 million that investors around the world were robbed of. 

The trailer for the documentary just dropped, featuring the investor-turned-investigators, who attempt to put forth theories as to what exactly might have happened. 

The official synopsis for the Netflix true-crime documentary reads as follows:

"There's only one rule in the world of crypto and bitcoin, trust no one. $250 million of bitcoin randomly disappears from QuadrigaCX, once Canada's largest crypto exchange, and the only person who can get it back mysteriously dies. Greed is a matter of life and death in this true crime documentary about the rise and fall of QuadrigaCX, the mysterious death of its founder Gerry Cotten, and the victims left behind to pick up the pieces."

You can check out the trailer for the Netflix documentary below.

Trust no one, indeed, as Ponzi schemes abound

Crypto tycoon Gerry Cotten seemed like the average, upbeat guy enthusiastic about business. He was the founder of Quadriga Fintech Solutions, which operated QuadrigaCX, the largest crypto exchange in Canada at the time. After Cotten's death due to Crohn's disease in 2019, $250 million worth of digital currency was locked out, as the amount was rendered inaccessible for customers and investors. Per Cotten's wife Jennifer Robertson, the only person who knew the password for QuadrigaCX's offline crypto accounts was Cotten himself.

This, of course, left over 100,000 clients empty-handed, as the server became defunct one day, followed by zero access to their investments after Cotten's death. Quadriga soon became bankrupt, and Ernst & Young were only able to recover $46 million in an attempt to repay clients. The suspicious circumstances surrounding Cotten's death, and the behavior of his wife, led some of the investors to believe that there was foul play at work here. Convinced that a Ponzi scheme had been hatched out, the investors, as seen in the trailer, theorize that Cotten faked his death after discoveries of fraudulent practices were made.

As gleaned from the trailer, the documentary will follow a tell-tale investigative style, in which the history of QuadrigaCX will be recounted, while some of the investors answer pertinent questions, while sharing their theories about Cotten's possible scam. There is a sense of ambiguity inherent within the documentary, as no one knows what happened for sure, but there is an undoubted essence of suspicious circumstances that played out, hinting at the allegedly premeditated nature of the situation (Cotten handed over all of his assets to his wife a week prior to his death in India).

"Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King" will be available on Netflix on March 30, 2022.