Mondo May Be Teasing A Vinyl Release Of The Batman Soundtrack

In case you are still hooked onto Michael Giacchino's electrifying soundtrack for "The Batman," there might be good news for you. Mondo, primarily known for releasing limited-edition screen printed posters for films, shows, and comics, recently tweeted the following riddle, which might be hinting at a vinyl release of "The Batman" soundtrack:

While details about this possible tease have not been revealed yet, one can expect to place a pre-order, hopefully sometime soon.

'Trust me, this is gonna be a work of art...'

The riddle in question is pretty straightforward (hence no points for guessing the answer, only pure joy), as it echoes the Riddler's format of framing his riddles, whose answers are often an idea, and in this case, a vinyl record. As Mondo is known for releasing vinyl movie soundtracks, having released any Batman LPs in the past, including Danny Elfman's "Batman – Original Motion Picture Score," it is not out of the question for Mondo to be releasing a vinyl version of "The Batman" soundtrack.

Giacchino's soundtrack has been instrumental in informing the world of Gotham in "The Batman," granting more layers to the characters, while the atmosphere drips with mood. The sheer breadth of emotions conjured by "The Batman" soundtrack is astounding, as they range from evoking lofty, orchestral vibes to etching a sordid, even tragic mood, while others sound downright menacing (case in point, The Riddler's theme). Giacchino and Matt Reeves have been long-time collaborators, as the former worked closely with the director to create the score for "Cloverfield," "Let Me In," and the two "Apes" films.

Per Comic Book, Reeves spoke at length about how Giacchino is one of his favorite people to work with, given the legendary composer's ability to capture the exact mood for films of wide-ranging variety:

"So, when I got The Batman, I went to him [Giacchino] knowing he has the same kind of love and connection to Batman that I do. He told me he wanted to do what we'd never been able to — to record before I ever shot a frame. He said, 'I want us to record a suite, as if it was the unknown Beethoven Sonata of Batman that was found, and we use that to score the entire movie.' I was excited about it, so he started writing while I was still writing, and he would send me little sample recordings of pieces he was doing on the piano."

Given how the soundtrack informed Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the Caped Crusader to a great extent, as it perfectly complemented the aura he needed to embody, a vinyl version of the soundtrack sounds like the perfect escape for fans of "The Batman." Irrespective of one's views of the film, Giacchino's soundtrack is worth getting lost in, as it explores the highs and lows of life in Gotham and the various, layered characters who inhabit it.

"The Batman" is currently playing in theaters.