Escape From New York Is Getting An Extra-Special Blu-Ray Box Set With A 7 Inch Vinyl Record

It looks like one of the coolest movies of all time is about to have a home video release to match. John Carpenter's "Escape From New York" is getting a new release courtesy of Sacred Bones Records and Shout! Factory, and it features a whole host of goodies including newly recorded music from Carpenter himself.

According to the box set pre-order page, the new edition is only the seventh deluxe release ever made in collaboration between the home video retailer and the indie record label. The set will include both UHD 4K and Blu-Ray versions of the film, both of which feature a 4K restoration by StudioCanal. Both versions of the film will feature three different audio commentaries, including ones featuring Carpenter, producer Debra Hill, and actress Adrienne Barbeau. A third disc will also include a plethora of bonus features.

New music from Carpenter & co.

The crème de la crème for "Escape From New York" fans, though, will be the new music and art that come with the box set. The Sacred Bones/Shout! Factory version of the movie includes a 7" vinyl record with a red, black, and blue paint splatter design and an eye-patched Statue of Liberty at its center. The record features the film's main theme, an epic, synth-heavy track that perfectly underscores Snake Plissken's (Kurt Russell) race against the clock. It also includes a new recording by Carpenter and his frequent collaborators, Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter. That track will be a never-before-released version of "69th Street Bridge," which scored the climax of the film.

The list of perks goes on: this special edition box set also features an exclusive slipcover with art commissioned by Chris Bilheimer. Bilheimer has brought Carpenter's works to life in new ways before, including with the gorgeous golden covers of Sacred Bones and Shout! Factory's "Halloween" box set. This time around, he renders Plissken in black and white in a piece that heavily emphasizes the antihero's spiked baseball bat and coiled snake tattoo. It's an awesome piece, and one that reminds us, importantly, that Russell as Plissken is very hot.

Finally, the box set's third disc features special features highlighting the film's visual effects, score composition, photography, and more. There's also a major deleted scene–called "The Original Opening Bank Robbery Sequence" in the box set's product details–that can be played with or without an audio commentary. This box set, which goes on sale May 17, 2022, will set you back $58, but I can't think of many movies more worth celebrating with cool goodies and exclusive music than this one.