Doctor Who Gets Its Own D&D Tabletop Game — Doctors & Daleks, That Is

There's a new "D&D" tabletop game on the horizon ... nope, not "Dungeons & Dragons," but "Doctors & Daleks!" Yes, you heard that right: "Doctor Who" is receiving its own "Dungeons & Dragons" 5th Edition game, per a report by Comic Book

Cubicle 7 — known for publishing tabletop games, who also published "Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game" — have announced that they are also going to create a separate "Doctor Who" tabletop roleplaying games that abide by "Dungeons & Dragons" Fifth Edition rules. This will potentially allow players to explore across space-time in their own TARDIS — what more could hardcore fans want?

Become the master of space-time

Not much is known about 'Doctors & Daleks" at this point in time, except the fact that the first book in the series, namely "The Doctors and Daleks Player's Guide," will be launched fairly soon. Apart from this, Cubicle 7 has also confirmed that they will continue to support the new Second Edition of their award-winning "Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game," with a host of new products "on the way soon." Print copies of the new Core Rulebook can be expected in Q2 2022.

The publishing of two separate tabletop roleplaying games that feature the same franchise, especially one that is wildly popular and long-spanning such as "Doctor Who," might come off as odd, but Cubicle 7 has employed this strategy before. Two different tabletop roleplaying games based on "The Lord of the Rings" have been published by Cubicle 7 before: a standalone game named "The One Ring" which used unique mechanics and rules crafted to suit the dynamics of Middle-earth, and "Adventures in Middle-earth," which adapted "D&D" rules.

The adoption of "Dungeons and Dragons" rules isn't particularly new (given the hold D&D has in the RPG marketplace), as evidenced by Streamforged's recent announcement that its "Dark Souls" RPG game would use a modified version of 5E rules.

Cubicle 7 is also responsible for publishing "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay" and "Warhammer: Age of Sigma-Soulbound." Here's how they officially describe "Doctors & Daleks:"

The wild adventures of everyone's favourite Time Lord comes to the world's most popular roleplaying game in Doctors and Daleks. Take your gaming group into the TARDIS and travel anywhere, anywhen. Want to meet Leonardo da Vinci? Or see what life is like in the year 3,000? What about another planet entirely? All of space and time is your Venusian macro-oyster, but keep your wits about you — there's a lot of danger in the vastness of eternity.

Stay tuned for more details about "Doctors & Daleks" in the near future.