5 Marvel Characters We'd Love To See Timothee Chalamet Play

I'm going to be perfectly honest. I would watch Timothée Chalamet play the boot on Captain America's foot. I literally do not care how he makes his big debut in the MCU, I just care that he does. I mean, let's be real, ever since Timmy made us all swoon over his depiction of Kyle in Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird" we've all been obsessed. It doesn't matter that Kyle was a major d***. The minute he showed up on screen reading a copy of "The People's History of the United States" and smoking a cigarette at an outdoor coffee shop, it was over for us. Gone were the years of dating experience that had firmly taught us to avoid boys like Kyle as if our lives depended on it. Suddenly, we did not care because Kyle was in a band

Since then, Timothée Hal Chalamet has solidified himself into our hearts as our favorite internet boyfriend (although the ever-enticing Angus Cloud is currently giving him a run for his money). Chalamet is gangly and adorably awkward in nearly every interview, yet somehow manages to stunningly compose himself for fancy photo shoots with big time magazines and fashion labels. He's good to his fans and seems genuinely miffed at his sudden rise to fame with an ego that seems to have remained surprisingly down to earth. And sure, he had his paparazzi moment on that yacht where he and then-boo Emily Rose Depp were seen making out, attached at the lips like two hardcore frozen chicken breasts (seriously, just look up that meme), but we've all had our moments of embarrassment, amirite? 

It's also important to note that Chalamet is a pretty damn talented actor, so that along with his insane popularity and swoon-worthy good looks, it's probably only a matter of time before he becomes an official part of the MCU. Which begs the question, who would he play? If this were a list of Goosebumps characters Timmy C. would be perfect for, the answer would be, hands down, that creepy ventriloquist dummy for obvious reasons, but alas. It is not. However, there are still plenty of good Marvel characters we think Lil' Tim would be perfect as.


If you're familiar with Madrox, then you know he is also known as Multiple Man. Did the fact that he has the ability to duplicate himself play a part in why I chose him for this list? You better believe it! After all, who doesn't want multiple Timothée Chalamets running around on screen at the same time? If you don't, we can't be friends. 

Probably most well-known for his appearances in the '90s iteration of "X-Factor," Jamie Madrox spent his childhood growing up on a farm in Kansas. His father builds him a specially designed suit that controls the kinetic energy responsible for his duplication ability, but when Jamie's parents die in a tornado (because, duh. Kansas), Jamie is left all by himself completely unaware of the power he holds inside himself. Naturally, Charles Xavier, an old family friend, takes him under his wing and sets him down the path of mutant life. 

Madrox is a complex character who creates "dupes" of himself that harbor their own different personalities. It would be fascinating to see Chalamet take on multiple versions of himself on screen. We know he can do it (fans of Netflix's The King can agree that Timmy definitely surprised us all with his menacing King Henry V), so why not let him take on something as crazy as portraying multiple Madrox's for the next Marvel adventure? 


One of the greatest things about Timothée Chalamet is that along with being easy on the eyes, he is also totally charming and silly. And truthfully, what is more charming and silly than Throg? Yupp. I said it. Timmy should voice Frog Thor. I mean, the very concept of Throg is pretty much as silly as it gets. Before Throg was ... well ... a frog, he was just a normal guy. Now he's a frog that uses a hammer named Frogjolnir (haha get it?!) and is basically just Thor in frog form. Because Timmy is known for being quite the goof, it would only make sense that he brought some of his charm and silliness to the voice of Throg. It'd even be better if he could do some motion capture acting for the role just so we could get some behind the scenes footage of Timothée in a green screen suit, jumping around like a, dare I say it, crazy frog. The internet would go wild! 


A student at the famous Xavier Institute, Hellion definitely lives up to his name. He's a telekinetic with an attitude that's been sent to Professor X because his wealthy family disapproves of his mutant abilities. If there's one thing we know Timothée can pull off, it's the bad boy with an attitude vibe. Kyle from "Lady Bird" is an excellent starting point, and if you've delved into the Timothée deep cuts, his role as Billy, a troubled teen, in "Miss Stevens" is also enough to convince me that he would have this Hellion role on lock. While Hellion is not mentioned often in the MCU, perhaps his presence in a future X-Men film would be a fun way to throw Chalamet a quick cameo if he wasn't up for a full on feature role. 

Harry Osborn

Known to everyone as Peter Parker/Spider-Man's biggest frenemy, Harry Osborn is the son of Norman Osborn who heads the powerful Oscorp Industries and eventually becomes one of Spidey's greatest foes, the Green Goblin. Harry is a charming young man with good looks and supreme wealth that make him very popular amongst his peers. His complex family history often leads Harry down dangerous paths of drug use and debauchery, and he eventually takes up his father's role as the Green Goblin. We know that Timmy is a versatile actor with range, and his work in Felix van Groeningen's adaptation of David Sheff's book, "Beautiful Boy" proves he can convincingly play a troubled young man with a penchant for addiction. Chalamet's ability to fluctuate between cheerful and brooding make him the perfect choice for the role of Harry Osborn. Sorry, James Franco. There's a better Goblin in town. 


As much as I would like to see Chalamet in the role of Harry Osborn, what my heart truly desires is for Timmy to put on that Spidey suit and do some web-slinging of his own. Sure, everyone loves Tom Holland. I can understand this (though, personally, Andrew Garfield is my ride or die Spidey for life). But what happens when it's time for Holland to move on? Suit up, Timothée! You're in the game! And sure, he technically auditioned for the role of Spider-man before, but he's a seasoned Hollywood actor now! So let's give him a second chance!

I mean, honestly, who is more perfect to portray everyone's favorite web-slinger? Chalamet has it all. He's funny! He's confident when he needs to be and awkward when he can't be confident! His slim, tall figure will look great in uniform, and his boyish sense of humor is just what everyone wants from their friendly neighborhood Spider-man! It just seems like such an obvious choice to cast Chalamet in this role that I almost feel ridiculous brining it up. But alas, I doubt this will ever happen. For as much as I (and hopefully, you) would love to see him slingin' webs and savin' lives, Chalamet has said that he will never star in a superhero film. Still, a girl can dream, and maybe someday, when all the chatter surrounding him about peaches and sandworms has died down, he'll change his mind.