Everything We Know About Russian Doll Season 2 So Far

Sweet birthday babies! "Russian Doll" is coming back! Despite the fact that these past few years have felt a bit like a time loop, the much-loved Netflix show actually aired its first season way back in February 2019. While a slow drip of casting news has kept us sustained in the years since, it looks like the series is finally close to debuting its second season. The official Netflix Twitter recently posted four photos from the show's second season, with the caption "Season 2. What a concept." What a concept, indeed! Here's what we know about the sophomore season so far.

When And Where To Watch Russian Doll Season 2

The series' second season will stream exclusively on Netflix, just like the first. The series was an instant critical success for the company, and despite ending on a note that felt final, it was renewed for a second season in June 2019. At the time of its renewal, Variety reported that the second season would have eight episodes, just like the first.

While the first season had an excellently timed drop the day before Groundhog's Day, the streamer has not yet announced the release date for season 2. Entertainment Weekly reports that the show will return this spring, so we can expect to see it sometime between March and June. Netflix isn't known for surprise drops (outside of post-Super Bowl release "The Cloverfield Paradox"), but I think "Russian Doll" would be a great exception. The show has such a strong fan base that people would drop anything to catch the new episodes, regardless of when they debut.

What We Think Russian Doll Season 2 Will Be About

In her interview with Entertainment Weekly, series star and co-creator Natasha Lyonne teased the new season. The show will pick back up four years after Nadia's fateful 36th birthday party, at which she died repeatedly while trying to escape a seemingly spontaneous time loop. By the end of the first season, she had safely escaped the day along with Alan (Charlie Barnett), the time-trapped man she met during the course of her looped adventure.

Apparently, the new season involves a Manhattan-set time portal that the pair stumble upon. The portal leads the two through moments from their pasts in a process that may be even worse — and more existentially taxing — than the brutal time-loop deaths. Lyonne compared the series to "The NeverEnding Story," and hopes that watching the show feels a bit like "saddling up with a book in the attic and letting that world take you away on a journey." I won't be surprised if the story chooses to dive deeper into Nadia's mom's own life story, as the first season ended up being deeply tied to her and Nadia's painful and formative relationship.

Lyonne seemed incredibly excited about the new season, which she called "a wild ride" that's best seen without too much foreknowledge. "It is deep, and deeply off-the-wall," she said. She also gave some insight about the character "Schitt's Creek" actress Annie Murphy will play. Murphy appears in one of the season's newly release promotional images, and her oversized glasses and perfectly wavy hair make me think Nadia may encounter her in the 1970s. Lyonne described Murphy's character as "definitely one of the good guys," and hinted that she helps Nadia process the idea of mortality.

What We Know About The Russian Doll Season 2 Cast and Crew

Series leads Lyonne and Barnett are set to return for the second season as Nadia and Alan, respectively. As mentioned, Annie Murphy, best known as Alexis Rose from "Schitt's Creek," will also appear in the sophomore season. The cast also includes "District 9" actor Sharlto Copley, with Deadline reporting that "House of Cards" actress Carolyn Michelle Smith and Tony nominee Ephraim Sykes will also appear.

While writing and directing credits haven't been announced for the second season yet, it's safe to assume that Lyonne's co-creators Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland will return as executive producers. In 2019, Headland told IndieWire that the team had pitched multiple seasons of the series to Netflix.

Though it's unclear whether the show's high-concept premise will allow past characters to reappear, one first look photo does include a familiar face. It's none other than Maxine, played by Greta Lee. Maxine is Nadia's stylish and wonderfully blunt friend, and here we see her sporting a sharp bob and a shiny silver jacket. Alan has a new look, too. In another first look photo, he wears a smart-looking suit jacket and sweater with a mustache to match. Oh, and there's one more character who we know will make a comeback: EW confirms that Oatmeal the cat is returning for season 2.