That Sopranos Super Bowl Commercial Was Made With The Help Of The Show's Creator

The Super Bowl has a long history of featuring big budget commercials that are also "sequels" or playful nods to beloved shows and movies. Several years ago, Honda brought in Matthew Broderick for a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"-themed spot. I also recall Kelsey Grammar reprising his role as the former Cheers regular and beloved radio personality Dr. Frasier Crane to promote Dr Pepper. Now, for this year's Chevrolet commercial for their first-ever electric Silverado, the car company brought in the next generation from "The Sopranos" to pay homage to their iconic HBO series.

To promote the Chevy Silverado EV, advertising agency Commonwealth // McCann brought in "Sopranos" stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler to reprise their roles as siblings Meadow and A.J. Soprano. But they didn't just bring them in for your run of the mill commercial. The ad agency recreated the opening of the long-running crime drama shot for shot, except Sigler takes the place of James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano as she drives through the modern day Garden State with Alabama 3's "Woke Up This Morning" playing over the footage. And the actors weren't the only ones who came back.

Everything Is Legal In New Jersey

In order to get everything just right for this return to Tony Soprano's New Jersey, Commonwealth // McCann also brought back series creator David Chase and "The Sopranos" cinematographer Phil Abraham to shoot the commercial. Sigler spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently to discuss the chill-inducing Super Bowl commercial, which was titled "New Generation."

"'Sopranos' has been this unique experience where every time we think it's going to be the last time we're doing something, there is always something else that comes. When I got the call about this commercial, the whole concept made such perfect sense: It's Chevrolet coming out with this all-new Silverado EV. It's about a new generation, which Meadow and A.J. represent. I thought it was a brilliant idea. And then when they told me David Chase was onboard and Phil Abraham was going to be [the cinematographer], it was so special. It was a dream to do. I had chills the entire time."

Additionally, Chevrolet released another video on their YouTube channel that's basically a whole other commercial for the Silverado EV disguised as a behind the scenes featurette for the commercial. In this video, Sigler and Iler talk about the features of the car, but also the emotions that come with reprising roles that were such a huge part of their lives and their fans' lives. Plus, you can see glimpses of Chase and Abraham at work on set.

After this commercial and the 2021 prequel film "The Many Saints of Newark," it sure seems like David Chase wants to get back into the "Sopranos" business. If he does, Sigler and Iler seem to be extremely onboard. But until something materializes there, you can watch the entire series of "The Sopranos" on HBO Max.