Better Things Season 5 Trailer: The Fox Family Keeps Looking Forward In Their Final Season

The Fox family has come a long way since "Better Things" first kicked off in 2016. After five seasons worth of crying, crises, and growth, they're about ready to take their last bow. In case you've missed out on the feel-good chaos, the fifth season doesn't debut on FX until Monday, February 28, giving folks just enough time to binge through the prior four seasons and see what all the hype is about. "Better Things" stars Pamela Adlon as single mother Sam Fox, a working actor turned director with just enough success to make life easy for her absent ex. Unfortunately, her career isn't nearly lucrative enough to make raising three daughters easy. As she navigates both professional and personal pitfalls, she's also dealing with the complexities of her three daughters, all different ages and difficult in their own specific ways. The series is a coming of age story for Sam as much as it is for her girls. Here's a peek at the upcoming fifth season of "Better Things."

Better Things Trailer

The single camera sitcom is reminiscent of Adlon's prior work on "Louie," also more of a dramedy than a straightforward sitcom, and packed with lots of darkly comedic tendencies. The magic of "Better Things" is its daring nature, never afraid to get raw and uncomfortable while embracing both the joys and agonies of parenthood. The series also includes some star-making turns from its cast. Along with Adlon, the Fox family includes Mikey Madison as Max, the eldest daughter who's prone to angry emotional outbursts. You might recognize Madison from her appearance in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," or her most recent role in the latest installment of the "Scream" slasher saga. Hannah Alligood stars as Frankie, the smart and sulky middle child, with Olivia Edward as the baby of the family, Duke. Rounding out the cast is Celia Imrie as Sam's mother, Phyllis. Between the five of them, the Fox family is barely keeping it together, but they never fail to walk the line between hilarious and heartbreaking.

The bittersweet ending has arrived, just as charming as ever. In its final chapter, the status quo of "Better Things" is caught between changing and staying the same: As the girls continue to come of age, Sam must confront her mother's increasing signs of aging, along with her own. But along the way, the five women have each other as a support system. The perfect example of how, uh, helpful they can be kicks off the trailer: Sam's daughters coach her through a workout routine that involves snarky commentary like, "Imagine if you did this every single day. Then you might actually have a chance of living past 60." Here's the official synopsis for the upcoming season:

"In its fifth and final chapter, 'Better Things' focuses on 'the road ahead' for its unconventional, unfiltered heroine, Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon), so devoted to her life as a working actor and single mother of three that she's left little time for that one elusive thing: herself. As she navigates three daughters, each coming of age; the challenges of her chosen career; and her mother's increasing signs of aging (as well as her own) — Sam embraces each moment, and each member of her family, with a fierce love, raw honesty, and biting humor. As each of the Fox women come of age into the next phase of their life, they are inspired to reevaluate themselves, learn from the past and find their own direction."

"Better Things" is created and directed by its star, Pamela Adlon. Along with the main cast, the fifth season is expected to include guest appearances from Danny Trejo, Lena Waithe, Usman Ally, and Michael Richardson. The fifth and final season of "Better Things" premieres its first two episodes on FX on February 28, 2022. New episodes follow weekly on FX, and will be available to stream the next day on Hulu.