Mira Sorvino Is Not A Fan Of Cockroaches, Won't Be Back For That Mimic TV Series

Mira Sorvino and I both have a revulsion for cockroaches, and the "Mimic" actress has cited this fear as one of the reasons why she will not be returning for the upcoming "Mimic" TV series reboot. Guillermo del Toro's 1997 cult sci-fi horror failed to impress audiences when it initially debuted, but the concept is currently being developed for the small screen by none other than "Event Horizon" and "Resident Evil" director Paul W. S. Anderson. According to a report by ComicBook, original "Mimic" star Mira Sorvino will not be returning to the television reboot, partly due to other commitments and a visceral fear of roaches.

No Creepy-Crawlies, Please

In essence, "Mimic" explores the idea of insects tacking over, highlighting the anxieties connected to this specific sort of body horror. The insects, of course, are a metaphor — of fear, of social ills, of things gnawing our insides — that extends to society as a whole, and how it ties into the psychological implications of an "other" living within us. Due to the insect-heavy nature of the plot, the star would rather focus on promoting her upcoming horror-comedy "Shining Vale" instead

"Right now, I love being a part of this series so I'm not really looking for another series to be a part of. I do have a revulsion for cockroaches, so maybe I'm happy that that is done for me and in the past."

While Sorvino has been pretty clear about her stance about returning for the TV version, she went on to talk about her experience of working with del Toro, and the opportunity to be a part of his visionary filmmaking:

"But I sure loved working with Guillermo del Toro, what an incredible genius, and that was his first major American movie and, when I met with him, despite my misgivings about cockroaches, I was like, 'Wow, like I'm not really a genre person, I'm not really a horror person, but if I'm ever going to go into this world, who better than to go into it than with this Gothic master?' Like, he showed me his notebooks with his drawings and poetry and just, I was blown away, and he has since become that person to the rest of the world, but that was a special experience, getting to work with him on his first big American movie."

You can catch Sorvino in the Starz genre-mash "Shining Vale," which also stars Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear. The series premieres on March 7, 2022.