Life & Beth Trailer: Amy Schumer Looks Backward To Move Forward

The pandemic has led a lot of people to rethink their careers and their lives in general. It's something that happens to the best of us at different points in our lives anyway, but the need to examine our past choices has come up a lot in recent days. In the new trailer for the upcoming Hulu comedy series "Life & Beth," a seemly successful woman is taking stock of where she is and trying to come up with a plan for a life that actually makes her happy.

The series stars Amy Schumer (who will soon be seen elsewhere on Hulu in the second season of "Only Murders in the Building") as Beth, a woman who seems to have it all. She's got a great job, a boyfriend, and a great place to live. It's what you're "supposed" to have, but Beth isn't happy. She and her friends are feeling too old to be in clubs, her relationship isn't what she wants, and selling wine for a living just isn't cutting it anymore.

But a sudden incident (which appears to be medical) causes Beth to take a long look at her life and see what she wants to change. Flashbacks will take Beth back to her life as a teenager, which allows her to see exactly how she became who she is. We don't see any of that in the trailer, and I wish we did. I like that conceit, and I'm sort of surprised that it was left out of the preview. But the trailer still offers plenty to entice audiences, as you can see below.

A Trip Down Memory Lane?

Continuing the odd choices in this trailer is the way they portray Michael Cera's character, who is supposed to be a love interest for Beth as she reworks her life. So, the guy eats bunnies, gives her crap for having a plastic water bottle, and barely cracks a smile. I'm sure he'll be super charming and quirky at some point, but I'm really not getting that from what we're seeing here. Still, Schumer is writing this series (and directing and executive producing) as well as starring, so I'm going to reserve judgement. I love her work. The "joke" about her preexisting condition being the fact that she's a woman is both funny and hits a little too close to home. It's things like this that make me a fan.

Along with Schumer and Cera, the series also stars Susannah Flood, Violet Young, Kevin Kane, Yamaneika Saunders, Laura Benanti, Larry Owens, Michael Rapaport, Rosebud Walker, and LaVar Walker.

Here is the official synopsis for "Life & Beth:"

Beth's life would look pretty great on paper. Impressive to everyone she grew up with. She makes a good living as a wine distributor. She's in a long term relationship with a successful guy and lives in Manhattan. When a sudden incident forces Beth to engage with her past her life changes forever. Through flashbacks to her teen self, Beth starts to learn how she became who she is and who she wants to become. We'll go on her journey towards building a bigger, bolder and more authentic life. Learning to express herself and living in an intentional way. A trip down memory lane is a strong source of trauma, comedy and moving forward.

"Life & Beth" will premiere all 10 episodes on Hulu starting on March 18, 2022.